Drew Arellano opens up about the time he failed wife Iya

Drew Arellano opens up about the time he failed wife Iya

Drew Arellano admits that he's not as perfect as he seems. Read on to find out how he thinks he failed his wife during their first weeks as new parents...

Drew Arellano seems like the perfect husband and dad, but even he admits he has times when he feels like he fails his wife Iya Villania.

In a recent interview, the TV Host and travel buff recounted a moment, during their first few weeks as parents, when he wasn't sensitive to Iya's feelings.

"Alam mo nakakatuwa, after two weeks, gising ako! E, usually we sleep early, we wake up early.We wake up five o’clock in the morning and then whatever," he recalled. "Gising ako five o’clock, sabi ko, ‘Oh, whoa. Straight sleep ‘yon.’ Sabi ko, ‘Honey, wow, Primo had a great sleep.’ Sabi niya, with eye bags, ‘No, you had a good sleep. You!’Sabi ko, next time alam ko na to keep my mouth shut kapag masarap ang tulog ko."

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They welcomed their adorable firstborn, Antonio Primo, in August 2016. Now that they're caring for a 7-month-old, Drew can see that it's his wife who's a more hands-on parent.

"Asawa, mas hands-on kasi siya nagpapadede," explained Drew. "There’s nothing like touch, caress, there’s nothing like it."

Though Primo is too young to play favorites, Drew concedes that it seems Primo is a "momma's boy".

"Nakikita ko na ngayon, e. Yung tipong kapag titingin iyong nanay do’n sa anak namin, automatically ngingiti na si Primo, e. Ako parang may konting effort pa para ngumiti," he joked. Sabi ko, ‘Teka lang, medyo may nararamdaman na ako, e.’"

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Drew doesn't shy away from showing his appreciation for his devoted wife, who's taking to motherhood like a pro.

"Iya, being a first-time mother, she's doing a phenomenal job," marveled Drew in a previous interview. "She's working, she wakes up four times in the middle of the night without waking me up in bed just to pacify Primo, feed Primo. It's just a phenomenal job. Every day I think is Mother's Day."

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