Affordable Easter DIYs that you can do with your kids!

Affordable Easter DIYs that you can do with your kids!

If you're looking to save money, and have a fun activity this Easter, then why not try these super affordable Easter DIYs that you can do with your kids?

1. Paint some Easter eggs!

Painting Easter Eggs is a tradition in a lot of families, and we’re pretty sure that your kids will love it!

In order to get the eggs ready, grab a bunch of raw chicken eggs, gently poke a hole on the top and the bottom of the egg using a toothpick, and then blow hard on one hole. The entire egg’s contents will be pushed out the hole, and you’ll end up with a nice, hollow eggshell!

Once you have a bunch of eggs ready, just prepare some paints; it can be watercolor paints, or poster paint, and let you and your kids’ imaginations run wild!

2. Make some Pom Pom Chicks!

Affordable Easter DIYs that you can do with your kids!

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Pom Pom Chicks are super cute, and also super easy to make! Plus, they’re a perfect DIY project for your Easter celebration.

To make Pom Pom Chicks, you just need yarn, hot glue, felt, and a pair of googly eyes, all of which can be found either in the craft section of a bookstore, or at a store that sells sewing goods.

First step would be to get the yarn, and wrap it around your fingers, about 50 wraps is good. Once you’re done, gently take off the wrapped yarn from your fingers, and tie another piece of yarn in the middle of the loops. Make sure that it’s tight so it keeps everything together.

Then, take your scissors and cut the loops on each side of the yarn ball, and you’ll see become a fluffy yarn ball. Now you just have to shape it into a sphere shape, add the google eyes, and felt for the beak and feet, and you’re done!

3. Make some candy jars!

Affordable Easter DIYs that you can do with your kids!

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Candy jars are super easy, and also super fun. Just grab a selection of various candies from the supermarket, preferably round or egg-shaped ones, and put it inside a mason jar.

You can use it as a reward for your kids if they finish their Easter Egg hunt, or you can also give it to kids around the neighborhood if you have a local egg hunt.

4. Make plastic Easter Egg ‘flowers’

Affordable Easter DIYs that you can do with your kids!

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Plastic Easter Egg flowers are super cute, and we’re sure that your kids will have fun making them!

All you need are pipe cleaners, and plastic eggs that you can buy in most craft stores.

Once you have the plastic eggs and the pipe cleaners, just grab one of the pipe cleaners and thread it through the holes at the bottom of the plastic eggs, as plastic eggs usually have 2 holes at the bottom. Once you’ve threaded the pipe cleaner, just twist it to make the stem, and you’re done! Make a bunch of these egg “flowers” and you can make a nice decorative Easter Egg bouquet for your celebration!

5. Make some cute ‘lil bunny babies!

Affordable Easter DIYs that you can do with your kids!

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Now, this one’s something that we’re sure your kids will absolutely love!

All you need is a bunch of cotton balls, cardboard, a photo of your child’s face, watercolors or paints and pieces of paper.

To form the ears and the feet of the bunny baby, here’s what you do: ask your child to dip one of their feet into different colors of paint, and once their foot is covered completely with paint, they should place it on a piece of paper to create an imprint. Now, they just have to do it with their other foot for the feet, and then once more for the ears.

Now grab a piece of cardboard and trace out a bunny shape, and place the photo in the part where the head should be. Fill it up with cotton balls, and then use hot glue to attach the ears and feet. Congratulations, you’ve just made super cute ‘lil bunny babies!


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