"Devastated" Donita Rose confirms split from husband of 12 years who is now with someone new

"Devastated" Donita Rose confirms split from husband of 12 years who is now with someone new

"I will say that there have been a lot of times [when] I said, 'Why me?' I felt like I've done everything that I could."

Donita Rose and her husband of more than ten years, Eric Villarama, have called it quits.

The shocking news was confirmed by Donita on Tuesday, July 12, during Mo Twister's online podcast, Good Mornings with Mo. Below are the details:

Donita refused to give the details behind the separation, merely saying that it was not the long-distance relationship that led to their split.

"It was other things too," Donita said.


According to the TV host and former MTV VJ, although they separated two years ago, it was never really official.

Donita also admitted that she was blindsided when Eric came out with a photo of his new girl, which Donita found out about only during her guesting in Mo's program.

During the podcast, a caller had asked her about a photo Eric posted of him with another girl. Eric has been posting photos with a woman he's apparently known for more than at least two decades, since April this year.

"I will say that I was shocked. Because there were comments that were made after, 'What's going on?'"

“Although we've been separated for a while already. During that whole two years plus, we've been, you know, it's been on and off, on and off," Donita revealed.

“So, now I guess it made it official when the other day I found out that he came out with a photo with another woman," she also said.

But, Donita said she and her ex-husband have talked about the post, and Eric already apologized for it.

“I think his profile pic is with some girl. We did talk about it the other day and he apologized to me,” Donita said.

Physical similarities between the two women can be observed: fair skin, bright smile, even their freckles.


Donita says that she was devastated when her marriage began to crumble.

"In the case of my husband, I will say that it is very painful, not just very painful, it's devastating to go through," an emotional Donita said.

"I will say that there have been a lot of times [when] I said, 'Why me?' I felt like I've done everything that I could."

"Why does this still [have] to happen to me?," she asked herself.

"The hardest part is when you have kids. In this case, my son," she also said.

Learning through adversity

"...one thing that I take comfort in knowing is that sometimes God has to work through  adversity. We don't really learn a lot through the good times. It is really through the trials and difficulties you really start seeking answers, really turning to God," Donita mused.

"When you feel that things are hopeless. It's through adversity that we can become better people. I feel that after everything that has happened to me, believe it or not, I actually feel that I've become a better person out of it," she also said.

"There's a lot of wisdom, it's not all naivete, happy-happy, joy-joy," she added.

“Same thing with my son. My son has matured a lot through this,” Donita shared.

Donita Rose and Eric Villarama got married in Santa Barbara, California in June 2003. They are blessed with one child, Joshua Paul.

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