LOOK: Empress Schuck throws Hi-5 themed bash for daughter's first birthday!

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Is your child a Hi-5 fan? Take your cue from Empress' daughter's Athalia's fun and quirky first birthday party. Check out some photos from the event, below!

Is your kid a big Hi-5 fan? Then you can learn a thing or two from Empress Schuck! To celebrate her baby’s first birthday, the 23-year-old mom threw a vibrant and playful Hi-5 themed birthday bash!

Here are some of the highlights of Athalia’s first birthday party last October 1, 2016.

The glowing mom showed off some of the treats that awaited guests–like bracelet charms and mini pillows!

photo: Empress Schuck Instagram account

photo: Empress Schuck Instagram account

The super fun giveaways also included Hi-5 coin banks!


The delectable Bee cake came with cute Hi-5 cupcakes!


The dessert bar was overflowing with all kinds of confections from different bakeries, such as Fabolous Sweets, Hello Sugar, The Kooky Cakery, and Sugar Jars.


More delicious highlights from Athalia’s 1st birthday on the next page!


A booth dedicated solely to face and body paintings was set up so kids, and adults alike, could get inked to their heart’s content!


Lego activity tables also gave guests an equally fun alternative to joining the games!


Cotton candy, fries, and snow cones overflowed at the various food stands that peppered the venue!


Of course, no Hi-5 themed party would be complete without a stage!


Athalia was truly the star of the show!


Athalia was born on September 27, 2015 and she is Empress’ first child with husband Vino Guingona, who is the grandson of former Vice President Teofisto Guingona.

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