Why do men fear fatherhood? The 5 most common fatherhood fears and how to overcome them

Why do men fear fatherhood? The 5 most common fatherhood fears and how to overcome them

It's normal for expectant dads to feel some anxiety before having a child

Welcoming a child into the world is both exciting and scary. Men often feel a lot of stress when expecting a child, though they might not be able to express it.

But it’s normal for fathers-to-be to feel some uneasiness, and you shouldn’t feel inadequate because of your worries. Here are some of the most common fears, and how you can overcome them.

1. Money

The most common fear that plenty of men face concerns his ability to provide for his family. Even if both parents are working, supporting three people instead of just two can be a tough adjustment. Not only does he have to worry about hospital bills, there’s also the cost of diapers, food, childcare, pocket money, tuition fees, and so forth.

The earlier you take control of your finances, the less worried you’ll be. Learn how to budget and stick to it. Invest in some life insurance and mutual funds.

fatherhood fears

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2. Inability to care for baby

Some new dads fear that they won’t be able to take care of their baby, fearing that they might even “break” their child. While it’s important to handle a baby with care, you shouldn’t be so scared that you’d avoid parenting your child altogether. As with learning any other skill, you can only get better at fatherhood if you practice it.

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3. The loss of their youth

Plenty of expectant fathers worry that fatherhood would mark the end of fun and independence. While it’s true that you’d have less time for your friends and hobbies, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy the things that you love anymore. With the right effort and scheduling skills, you should still be able to maintain a healthy social life.

Plus, having a child enriches your life and will give you new ways to enjoy it. Fatherhood can open your eyes to so many other possibilities. You might even feel younger.

4. Relationship fears

Having a baby can make your relationship better or worse, depending on how you and your partner respond to this transition. Men often feel neglected and even jealous when their partner focuses most of their energies on their baby. Make sure to communicate your needs and schedule time for you and your partner to keep the fire burning.

fatherhood fears

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5. His partner’s health

So many things can go wrong in childbirth, so it’s normal to feel some apprehension and concern for your partner’s wellbeing. By reading up on what to expect and how to prepare for childbirth, you can take on a more active role in your partner’s pregnancy. Go to birthing classes and learn how you can be a good birth partner.


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