Store employee under fire for resting bare feet on crate full of donuts

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The popular donut chain has vowed to take action after the image was widely circulated on social media

As parents, you want to make sure your kids eat only the best. But how sure are you that others take safe food handling as seriously as you do? A recent viral photo is shedding light on the dangers of food mishandling. The photo shows an employee of a popular donut chain resting her bare feet on donuts—a drawer full of them!

So much for baked goodness, right? We’re certain that this was not indicated in their company’s food preparation safety handbook. So why did she do it?

Photo of Employee Resting Her Bare Feet on a Drawer Full of Donuts Goes Viral

The photo was shared on June 9 by Twitter user Alfred (@alfreedb). In the post he even joked: “Bagong flavor ng donut.” (A new donut flavor.) He posted two photos of the female employee, who seemed too engrossed using her phone to care where she rested her presumably aching feet.

feet on donuts

The employee resting her feet on donuts was caught in the act by a twitter user. image courtesy: @alfreedb Twitter account

Though some were amused, cracking their own jokes about the “kachichas donuts,” not everyone found it funny. Many condemned the employee and the popular chain for being “gross, disgusting, and negligent.” Others vowed never to patronize their stores ever again.

Since it was shared, it has gained over 8,000 retweets and hundreds of comments. It wasn’t long before the donut chain’s management took notice.

feet on donuts

The employee caught resting her bare feet on donuts was bashed mercilessly on social media. | image courtesy: @alfreedb Twitter account

“It has been brought to our attention that a post showing mishandling of our product is currently circulating the internet,” their recent statement read. “We appreciate your concern about this matter and we would like to assure the public that the management is already doing an investigation and is coordinating with the concerned individual.”

They also assured the public that quality and safety is their top priority.

“Any deviation from our standard processes and quality measures will be dealt with utmost importance,” they further stressed.

Hundreds of their over 200,000 followers commented on the statement, blaming them for what happened. The popular food chain responded to assure these complaints by saying the stall in question has since ceased operations as part of their commitment to food safety.

Food Safety Tips for Parents

feet on donuts

image courtesy: dreamstime

Improper food handling and preparation can put your child at risk for a variety of diseases. The most alarming of this all is food poisoning, which causes severe diarrhea, vomiting, abdnominal pain, and bloody stools.

That’s why it’s so important for parents to always be aware of the following food safety tips!

1. Proper washing is a must

Before handling any type of food wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Next, make sure all the utensils and equipment are washed, too!

Note though, that you might have to wash your hands again when switching from washing utensils to preparing food, just to be super safe!

2. Prepare food the right way

Wash fruits and vegetables well in clean, running water. Use separate chopping boards for different types of ingredients—meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables.

Cook poultry, meat, and fish through and through to prevent bacterial food contamination.

3. Store food properly

Take care to store raw meat, dairy, fish, and other meat products in the freezer ASAP after purchase.

As for cooked food, don’t let them sit unrefrigerated for over one to two hours.

If you’re making baby food with eggs, poultry, fish and meat, make sure to only keep them in the fridge for only 24 hours. Baby food with fruits and vegetables can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days, or 48 hours.

DO NOT defrost baby food by dunking them in water or leaving them at room temperature.

Lastly, if you want to freeze baby food, make sure they are properly sealed and labeled (with date and ingredients). Note that some types of baby food can be kept up to a month in the refrigerator!

Consult your child’s pediatrician and nutritionist to find out how to make mealtimes safer and healthier!


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