Celebrity newbie moms discover what sleepless nights really mean

Celebrity newbie moms discover what sleepless nights really mean

"Puyat, dirty nappies, random hours, feeding, burping, sore and hard boobies, sugat nippies all while still recovering from delivery...but... Pure LOVE..."

Ask any mom what the most challenging part of taking care of a new-born baby is, and chances are, you will get the same answer--sleeplessness!

Except for a blessed few, most moms, who have just given birth, will experience indescribable exhaustion. After the physical toll giving birth takes on one's body, there's hardly any time to recover as one now takes on the care of a newborn infant.

There's the constant nappy changing, breastfeeding on demand, or washing and sterilization of feeding bottles, the incessant lullabies and rocking movements to help the baby sleep, the baby's nighttime wailing, and physical discomfort from birthing wounds that take time to heal.

And it's no different for celebrity moms. These celebrity first-time moms are quickly discovering that sleeplessness comes with the territory!

Iya Villania

TV host Iya Villania discovers how selfless she can be on the first night her baby spent at home.

Despite the random hours, dirty nappies, and sore breasts, Iya has nothing but pure love for this "little boss".

"Puyat, dirty nappies, random hours, feeding, burping, sore and hard boobies, sugat nippies all while still recovering from delivery...but... Pure LOVE..." Iya said.

"I'm still so amazed with what my body just went thru! and amazed at how this little lumpia can just have so much control over me...He's the boss!!!" she also said.

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Michela Cazzola

Italian beauty Michela Cazzola hides her sleepless eyes behind a pair of dark glasses.

"Team no sleep," she captioned the photo. Sounds like even daddy James Yap is having sleepless nights.

Team no sleep ????????????

A photo posted by Mic (@michelacazzola) on

Nadine Samonte

These days, new mom Nadine Samonte spends her evenings in the deepest of conversations--with her little angel!

In a sweet Instagram post, Nadine shared how her baby can't sleep if she is not on her mom's chest, Nadine also revealed that she has not had a decent night's sleep since the baby was born.

Nadine also shared her determination to continue breastfeeding despite the pain in her breasts.

Yes, this mom has nothing but love for baby Heather!

Buong gabi magkausp kami hehehe so cute my baby Heather well hindi namn ako nakatulog simula nung lumabas sya haaaay baby at hindi sya makatulog kapag wala sya sa dibdib ko, hay ang sarap maging isang ina ang sarap ng feeling at nagbreabreastfeeding din po ako kahit masakit na pero cge pa din pipilitin ko na umpisahan ko na ang hirap ng wala pa sya ngyn pa ba ako bibigay? No way hehehe kaya ko to thank you sa mga mommies na sinsbi na ibreastfeeding ko pa din sya kahit maskit mallgpasn ko daw and i know i will thats the only gift i can give to my daughter na hindi kayang ibigay ng iba. I love you so much my Heather you are Gods greatest gift to us and i will always thank him. You are so precious my little one. We will take care of you my love❤️ Me and your dad @rboy_chua are so blessed to have you in our lives.Thank you to everyone who prayed for us and wishing us all the best thank you so much.???????????? #HeatherSloane #Godisgood #ThankyouLord

A photo posted by Nadine Chua ❤️ (@nadinesamonte) on

You can do it, ladies! You've done a wonderful job so far!

The photo used in this article was taken from Iya Villania's Instagram account.

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