39 magnetic beads found in 12-year-old's penis

39 magnetic beads found in 12-year-old's penis

A boy needed surgery recently after he was unable to pass urine. Magnetic beads were found in his penis! Read about this case of foreign object stuck in urethra.

A boy in China recently required surgery after his kidneys stopped producing urine. It turned out to be a case of a foreign object stuck in urethra.

The alarming incident happened on January 13, 2019.

Magnetic beads recovered from boy's penis

According to news reports, the boy's worried parents had initially taken him to hospital after he showed symptoms of anuria, or the absence of urine. He had complained of stomach ache, and said that he had swallowed magnetic beads.

The urologist, however, found 39 magnetic beads, in his urinary tract. The child confessed to putting the beads inside his penis because he was "curious".

Doctors say that they have come across many such cases of foreign object stuck in urethra, especially among boys aged 11-12, who are just hitting puberty.

Thankfully, in this case, they managed to remove the beads through surgery, and the child is able to urinate once again.

Foreign object stuck in urethra: Why it happens

According to a study, there has been an increasing number of cases of self-inflicted foreign bodies in the urethra and urinary bladder, especially in male patients.

The objects inserted range from sharp objects like needles, pencils and ball point pens to objects like toys, toothbrushes, household batteries and light bulbs! Even vegetables and parts of animals haven't been spared.

The study found that the most common reason for self-insertion of a foreign body into the male urethra is for sexual gratification, especially during, masturbation. Usually the pleasurable stimulation of the urethra is accidentally discovered, followed by a desire for repetition using objects of unknown danger.

Usually, victims feel guilty, embarrassed and humiliated and, therefore, there is a delay in seeking medical help. Many times such behavior is associated with psychiatric disorders, dementia, drug intoxication, mental confusion or sexual curiosity.

Radiological tests are necessary to determine the exact size, number and nature of the foreign object(s). Treatment involves diagnosing complications, foreign body extraction, and avoiding compromise of erectile function.


Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

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