This baby’s laugh is legitimately the funniest thing you’ll see all week

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Nothing brings a smile to a parent's face quite like a baby's laugh...but this baby's laugh takes the cake! Watch the hilarious video here!

For many reasons, there are few things on this planet that bring joy to a parent's face than their child's laughter. Sometimes, that adorable hilarity is so precious and funny that parents can't help but share the joy with everyone!

Well thankfully, YouTube user KLF20 L shared this glorious compilation video (seen below) of her adorable baby cracking up and embracing her...unusual laugh.

While this little girl's laugh is far from ordinary, it's down right hysterical, and absolutely adorable!

In this now viral video, this precious little girl's mother claims, "I'm raising my girl to be an evil genius." Which, if you've taken the time to view the video, you'll immediately understand what she's talking about. The little girl's chuckle is a rare mixture of a helicopter, hyena, and diabolical genius.

The result: adorable.

Check out the video, and share the rollicking compilation with your friends, family, and fellow parents!

What do you think of this adorable baby's hysterical giggle?

This video was originally shared by Mashable.

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