Our families deserve galing at alaga. Here are 8 simple ways to do it

Our families deserve galing at alaga. Here are 8 simple ways to do it

Home is where the best kind of comfort is...

We are taught early on that to achieve the best in life, we need to work hard to conquer all the challenges that life throws at us. When we are young, we aim to be the best in class, to get on the honor roll, and so on. And as we grow older, we strive for promotions, more money, more material items… the list goes on. Then, as parents, we pour our efforts into building a perfect life for our families.

Wanting the best in life is good, and having the motivation to strive for this from a young age certainly heralds success and wealth. However, we are sometimes too busy giving all that we’ve got to get ahead in life that we neglect those that most deserve the best part of ourselves: our families and loved ones. We love them, but are we taking the time to make sure they know it?

Our loved ones deserve our galing at alaga even at home, and here are eight wonderful ways you can do that for them.

galing at alagaShow them you love them

Telling someone that you love and care for them might seem like the easiest thing in the world. But for some, words don’t come that easy. If you struggle to express your love with words, try showing your loved ones how much you care for them instead. Loving text messages sent to your spouse, sweet handwritten notes popped in your child’s lunch box, and fresh flowers delivered to your mom – all these are beautiful ways of expressing your love.

galing at alagaQuality time is essential

During the week, you might be incredibly busy at work, exhausted when you come home, too tired to spend time with the family. However, even if you only have 30 minutes to be with your kids when you get back home before they go to bed, you can still make every minute count. Sing them silly songs during bath-time. Read to them in bed. Ask them about their day. Or just cuddle them as they fall asleep. We promise you that they will remember every moment of this quality time you spend with them forever.

Also, don’t forget that weekends are there for you to combine quality and quantity time with your loved ones. So, spend a good amount of time with them watching a movie, cooking or even baking together – whatever it is, really, that you love doing together as a family.

Be a constant confidante

Nothing beats an ear ready to listen. It could be your spouse telling you about their not-so-great day, your little ones excitedly talking about “the best day ever!”, your best friend pouring her heart out to you, or even your mom venting about her annoying neighbor. Simply listening always helps a lot, and is a soothing reminder to your loved ones that you care, that you are there for them.

Do the small things for them

Whether it’s picking up the laundry or doing the dishes, seeing these small things done without your partner or a loved one asking you to do them is a quick and sure way to make them know you care.

galing at alagaCheck up on them in the middle of the day

Remember how special you felt when your partner would text you “Kumain ka na ba?” It doesn’t have to stop now, or ever, even though you’ve been married for 10 years and have two little ones. Such messages of love are everyday reminders that their well-being is your priority, no matter how small or mundane the concerns are.

Reserve tickets for that movie they are dying to see

You can make date night or a weekend extra special by buying tickets in advance for that movie they’ve been waiting months to see. Imagine how special your partner, kids or your parents would feel if you show them the movie tickets and simply say “Come watch with me!” Sometimes, little things speak volumes more than grand gestures.

galing at alagaTreat them with their comfort food

Our favourite meals magically make us feel better when we are down. For some, ice cream or cake does the trick. For others, it can be their favourite coffee, burger or pizza, or a delicious home-cooked meal. But at the core of the action is a simple message: You might be feeling bad, and I want to make you feel better. Galing, right?

galing at alaga

Have Biogesic at home at all times

Two common side-effects of a super-busy lifestyle for adults and children, are stress-induced headaches for the former, and illnesses with fever for the latter. This is why having Biogesic in your medicine cabinet at all times not only gives your loved one the quick relief they need to feel better, but is also the kind of galing at alaga only family can show. Biogesic has been in the market for over 50 years, making it a trusted brand for headache and fever for generations of Filipinos.

Our families deserve galing at alaga. Give them Alagang Biogesic.

Acts of love and alaga are what binds a family together, and doing the things above can truly pull your family together.

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