4 Tips to get your toddler to walk more instead of asking to be carried

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Want to get your little tot to want to walk more instead of asking to be carried all the time? Here's how you can encourage them to get moving

When your baby takes her first steps, you feel a certain level of accomplishment as a parent. Once they start walking without assistance, you feel the joy of seeing them hit an important milestone. But what if your toddler constantly wants to be carried even if they already know how to walk?

It will help to see things from your toddler’s point-of-view. The reason why toddlers want to be carried is not always because they’re too lazy to do so, but they often just want to feel held and comforted. Remember, they are at a stage wherein they’re dependent upon you.

Though their socioemotional development is important for toddlers, making sure they’re active is just as important because it promotes good health.

Here’s some tips on how to get your toddler to walk more instead of constantly asking to be carried!

1. Play games to make walking fun

The next time you struggle with a toddler who constantly wants to be carried, try to make walking more appealing. Tell them to jump over cracks or skip around patterns on the pavement, as if they’re playing piko or hopscotch.

2. Chat with them at eye level

The reason why toddlers are fond of being carried is they get to talk to mommy and daddy at eye level. Make sure to occasionally bend down to chat just to reassure them that you’re still there.

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3. Compromise

If your toddler really wants to be carried, work your way around it. Use certain markers on your path and tell your toddler that they have to start walking when you reach that point.

4. Make them feel independent

The way to make your toddler feel inspired to get moving is to make them feel independent and capable of helping out. For instance, you could assign them the task of helping you carry a light shopping bag on your way to the car from the grocery.

Most importantly, encourage them by praising them whenever they do take the initiative to walk. Don’t scold them if they want to be carried, but be patient, praising them for their effort to walk and reassuring them you’ll be by their side to guide them every step of the way.


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