GoPro captures hide-and-seek from toddler’s point-of-view

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Bored? Why not strap a GoPro to your toddler's head and play some fun indoor games?

Kudos to the ingenious parents who thought about recording what could easily be the cutest footage taken using a GoPro.

We’re certain this will inspire many parents to capture fun moments from their kid's point of view.

Viewing the footage, one can’t help but giggle with glee, much like Dan and his partner Kallie who watched Ben's entire search unfold through a live feed on their phones while in their hiding place.

"It was so fun to see what is going on during the time between when we hid and when he finds us,” Dan told The Sun.

Dan expressed his surprise that Ben couldn't hear them since they were laughing so hard.

The toddler rushes through every room in the house searching for his parents. Even the sound of his footsteps and viewing things at his height is priceless.

"It was fun to see it on the camera after because it gave us a sense of what it would feel like to be his size," says mom Kallie.

"I love you can tell he's thinking as he stands at the top of the landing and surveys the rooms," says a subtitle at one point during Ben's search when he's pondering his next move.

Thanks to their adorable dog Ollie's sniffing powers, Ben eventually finds them hiding in his playroom closet.

As Ben approaches the closet, the doors swing open revealing his parents grinning and giggling.

Ben and Kallie told The Sun that the fun game lasted for about half an hour and they managed to record the whole thing.

Talk about resourceful parents and a resilient tot!

"If you have a toddler and a GoPro, strap it to their head and play hide & seek. It'll be the best thing you did. Promise.” urges Dan in the video’s description.

"It was so cute to see him try to find a hiding spot," adds mom Kallie. "Because he was so small, he easily hid in places we wouldn't even consider because we would never fit."

The adorable video was uploaded to YouTube has earned an amazing 4,761,184 views.

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