"I am happily his mistress"---Gretchen Barretto on longtime partner Tonyboy Cojuangco

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Bashers are calling her a kabit in response to a recent viral video, but she now embraces the title. Here's why.

Following a viral video where netizens critcized her for being rude, actress Gretchen Barretto has finally aired her side of the story.

In the viral video, Gretchen and her friends were laughing at a mom in need’s letter.

She doesn’t deny that how she and her friends behaved was “inappropriate.”

But she also clarified that they apologized to the mom that very night.

“Sorry po, 48 years old na po ako and I should be behaving my age,” she said, reports Push. “But sadyang immature pa din po ako and I am very sorry. I would like to make a public apology po, although Jo-Ann Mula accepted our apology that very night.”

But the bashing just kept coming. Some of her critics went so far as to try to insult her by calling her a mistress.

But the candid actress took no offense.

“I am happily his kabit. I am happily his mistress.”

gretchen barretto mistress

image courtesy: Gretchen Barretto Instagram account

Technically, she is one, as the first marriage of her current partner, Tonyboy Cojuangco has yet to be annulled.

When before she would have been devastated by being called a kabit, now it doesn’t really affect her. In fact, she embraces her status.

“f you threw that at me five years ago, maglulupasay po ako. Halos magpakamatay po ako sa sakit sa aking dibdib ‘pag tinatawag niyo akong kabit. But right right now, after 23 lovely years with my Tonyboy, you can call me ‘kabit’ and I will tell you, ‘I am happily his kabit. I am happily his mistress,” she said.

She went on to share how her longtime partner gives her all the love she needs.

“He understands me fully, he loves me fully, and in his eyes, I can do no wrong…”

gretchen barretto mistress

image courtesy: Dominique Cojuangco Instagram account

“He understands me fully, he loves me fully, and in his eyes, I can do no wrong,” says Gretchen, adding how “life isn’t perfect” and that she’s “not the only one who lives an imperfect life.”

She also accepts the possibility that she and Tonyboy will never be husband and wife.

“Yes, it is true. Maybe I will never be married with him. Maybe he will never marry me. Maybe I will never have that dream to walk down the aisle and have that fabulous gown. But who cares? I have a very flawed life, a flawed relationship, but I’m happy.”

Gretchen and Tonyboy have a 23-year-old daughter together named Dominique.


source: ABS-CBN news

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