5 Good habits wives want their husbands to have

5 Good habits wives want their husbands to have

These love gurus explain the 5 habits wives are dying for their husbands to have! Check out the list here!

Listen up, hubbies! You may be a great husband, and an astounding father...but there's always room for improvement, right?. Your wife may be communicative and always willing to talk, but wouldn't it be nice if you could up your game without her having to ask?

Well, luckily for you husbands out there, there are a multitude of habits that your wife would love for you to have. While she may never overtly expressed her desire for these healthy hubby habits, we're confident if you implement them, she's guaranteed to be a happier wife.

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Check out the list of expert advice and see what habits you should adopt as a husband:

1. Look at her

Sounds a bit silly, right? Well think about it, it's pretty flattering when someone finds you infatuating. Your wife can certainly relate to that sentiment. Look at her and let her know that she's quite literally the apple of your eye! Women love feeling as though they're the most beautiful person in a room, and if you can make the love of your life feel that way by simply looking at her, you should. If you don't believe me, let science be the proof. Research has found that when couples engage in uninterrupted eye contact for at least two minutes they feel closer and more connected.

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2. Be supportive

Psychologist Manjit Kaur Khalsa said when women talk, it is not just to relay information. Women also use dialogue as a way to deepen intimacy. “A woman feels emotionally supported when you listen. It has been shown that men speak 2000 words a day, women, 7000. While men principally talk to relay facts, make a point, or achieve a goal, women speak for all of these reasons as well as for many other reasons such as to relieve stress, create intimacy, and form a bond,” says Dr. Khalsa.

In other words, husbands, you need to a good listener for your wife. Furthermore, you need to pay her the respect she deserves and the support she needs. Get into a habit of listening to your wife...not just hearing her.


3. Show physical and emotional affection

Bryan Van Slyke, author and found of Manturity.com, once said in one of his publications, "I’ve learned from my wife that there is no limit on how much affection I can show her. In a sense, her cup is always going dry and needs filling up. Even after a few years of marriage, even if there has been some turmoil in the marriage, she still wants you to make a move. So make it!”

Your wife won't be tiring from your sincere affection anytime soon, husbands. You need to show her you love her through words and actions. Even if it's just as simple as holding hands, or an unexpected hug, wives love it when husbands adopt the habit of showing true affection.

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4. Compliment her every day

Who doesn't enjoy a good compliment? Everyone can benefit from being complimented on something. It can make your day, or it can boost your confidence. Your wife needs compliments as much as anyone, and they love it when husbands compliment them often. Nick Notas, a.k.a the Boston Dating Coach, claims that "It’s important to offer compliments that are genuine and that focus not only on physical appearance but also qualities about her personality or values that you find intriguing. You want to express your desire for her, but it should be for a variety of reasons. This also encourages her to open up and display those qualities you like. Remember, no girl wants to feel like just ‘another notch,’ even if it’s just casual… Generations of women have been wooed by genuine compliments — that’s not changing anytime soon. Appreciate what she has to offer and man up to show your intentions,”

Compliment her on her looks, or her skills as a mother. It'll brighten her day and strengthen your marriage. This is one of the most simple habits to implement, husbands, so there's really no excuse not to be praising your wife everyday!


5. Cherish and adore her

Not making your wife feel as though she's loved, cherished and adored can be corrosive to a marriage. That's why the prudent husband is a loving, caring husband. While we've covered some ways in which you can make her feel more loved, to make her feel absolutely adored is to put her at the top of your priorities.

“Once you have created a healthy friendship with your woman, take your relationship to the next level by giving her what she really wants — to be your highest priority. Being your highest priority means that you have a sincere regard for her happiness, and you make her feelings more important than those of your friends, your mother, your co-worker, a stranger, etc. For a woman to be willing to make sacrifices for you, she must see that you are willing to make sacrifices for her. She won’t be willing to sacrifice her comfort for you unless she knows you understand her and will take care of her needs, even at personal sacrifice. Learn your part. She’ll do hers,” says the staff of Romance In Marriage.


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