22 Halloween costumes you can DIY

22 Halloween costumes you can DIY

If you’re a hardcore Halloween lover, then this post by homemadeparties.ph is perfect for you!

 My family takes Halloween pretty seriously (like walk-around-the-mall-in-our-costume kind of serious!) It started with us making Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes for my niece and nephew.


And then one year we decided to dress up as a group! The result? A Flintstones family costume! All DIY – thanks to loads of masking tape, glue and the hand-sewing experience my sister and I had from our Home Economics class (running stitch, for the win!)


Fast-forward to when I finally had my own little one to dress-up, and Halloween became even more special.


If you’re still scrambling for a costume and need some ideas, then here are 22 more costumes you can put together or make in time for Halloween! (tick-tock, cutting it close though!)

1. Maddie from Sia’s Chandelier Video. Dress her up in beige tights and a bathing suit and the look is complete! Oh, don’t forget that hard-to-miss blonde hair and bangs! (Costume and photo courtesy of Mommy Steph)


2. Maverick and Goose from Top Gun. Daddy went all out for his twins’ costume, making this plane and attaching it to their stroller! (Costume and photo courtesy of Mommy Karen)


Ingeniously easy DIY costumes on the next page.

3. A Loofah. Sew tulle onto a dress and you’ve got yourself a giant loofah! Can totally work as a mom and baby costume too! (Costume and photo courtesy of Mommy Allaine)


4. An Octopus. Mommy Andy shares, “DIY Octopus Costume: navy blue beanie, 4 pairs of navy blue socks, diapers (to be used for stuffing), belt (where the socks/tentacles will be hung), scissors, needle, thread, paper plate (eyes), sharpie and double sided tape. Color coordinate with plain long sleeves, pants and shoes and VOILA!”


5. Olaf from Frozen. This one likes warm hugs and can also pass as a white angry bird for the next costume party! You can’t go wrong with this 2-in-1 DIY! (Costume and photo courtesy of Mommy Lynn)


6. A Donut. A genius costume and easy to make too! Ring floater + Japanese Paper + cut-up coloured drinking straws complete this sweet look! (Costume and photo courtesy of Mommy Lea)


7. A Witch.  Babies can have fun in their sleep too! If the little one’s too young to enjoy trick or treating anyway, then just have a mini photoshoot at home. (Costume and photo courtesy of Mommy Alfie)


Adorable TV and movie characters on the next page.

8. Astroboy. Dress your kid as Astroboy – gather a green band, black shorts, some red socks, DIY that iconic hair and you’re good to go!  (Costume and photo courtesy of Mommy Heilyn)


9. Rarity of My Little Pony. Mommy Gela shares, “She wanted to be Rarity of My Little Pony and just like her name, the costume was rare. Mommy just had to improvise. Used her old white top and leggings. Bought the violet wig, tutu, and boots in SM. Hand-sewed her accessories: Unicorn headband, diamond cutie marks, gold bracelet & belt.”   


10. Heneral Luna. The happiest Heneral Luna we’ll ever see! Hat and army patches made of felt cloth, buttons, and strings. And those “boots” – just knee high socks guys! (Costume and photo courtesy of Mommy Patty)


11. Jon Snow. Wig, rubber boots, and sword were store bought – all the rest were DIY, including that King of the North game face!  (Costume and photo courtesy of Mommy Claudine)


12. Frodo the Hobbit. Mommy Patty shares, “The “ring” was just a gold curtain ring and some brown string. I folded his brown pants, cut up an old brown shirt to look like a vest.” 


On the next page: Got more than one kid? Dress them up as a group!

13. Make DIY Star Wars costumes!  (Costume and photo courtesy of Mommy Heilyn)


14. Pinoy Staples. Read more about this costume here made by our favorite expat momma, Amber of Amommabroad.


15. Come as Donald (or Daisy) Duck. Cardigan from ukay-ukay, decorated with yellow linings, buttons, and a bow. DIY tutu skirt and cardboard Donald hat! (Photo shared by Stephie)


16. Or dress up that baby bump! (Photo courtesy of Mommy Jen who gave birth a few hours after her Halloween festivities!)


Trick or treating as a family? We’ve also got some ideas for you on the next page!

17. Monsters Inc. DIY Sully, Mike, and Boo. Sully costume made of yarn! (Costume and photo courtesy of Mommy Lynn)


18. Star Wars. We like to call this Episode II! We recycled our group costume a year after and this time brought the rest of gang – a stormtrooper (leggings covered with bond paper), Darth Vader (black trash bag as a cape plus mask and chest plate printed from the internet) and R2D2 swimwear!


19. Batman Villains. Joker. Two-face. Penguin. This family comes with character(s)! (Photo courtesy of Mommy MJ)


20. & 21. Go as the Incredibles and recycle it a year later for The Flash(Photo and costume courtesy of Mommy Jen)


22. Super Mario Brothers and Company. This one’s easy to put together. Box covered with metallic paper, aprons in place of jumpers, star attached to a headband, hat turned into toad’s hat and brown cloth for Goomba!


Republished with permission from: homemadeparties.ph

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