STUDY: Children with better relationships with fathers less likely to have behavioral problems

STUDY: Children with better relationships with fathers less likely to have behavioral problems

According to research, hands-on fathers have happier and more well-adjusted children.

Research has found that the closer a child is to their father, the less likely they are to have behavioral problems in the future, Independent reports.

After examining data from parents of 10,440 children, the researchers found that fathers who were emotionally involved with their child and who felt confident in their role as a parent had kids who were 28% less likely to suffer behavioral problems.

The researchers concluded that the psychological and emotional aspects of fatherhood are more powerful in influencing child behavior—not the amount of time fathers help in childcare or domestic tasks.

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Why are hands-on fathers so important?

“Positive parenting by fathers may contribute to good outcomes in children in a number of way,” the researchers said, before enumerating the possible reasons why hands-on fathers are so instrumental:

  1. By being a source of support to mothers, hands-on fathers allow their partners to provide better care to their children.
  2. Hands-on fathers can alleviate the impact of factors like maternal depression.
  3. Hands-on fathers lead to a happier and more cohesive family.

On the next page: how fathers can nurture their relationships with their kids.

As we know how crucial they are to the development of their children, fathers should never take their role as parents for granted. Here are some tips from FamilyShare on how fathers can strengthen their relationships with their kids.

1. Constant communication

Take some time every day to talk to your child, even if it’s just for a few moments. Make them feel like they can talk to you about anything and everything.

2. Share a hobby

Having a common interest gives you more opportunities to spend time together. You can share one of your passions with your child, or ask her what she’s interested in exploring, and take up the new hobby with her.

hands-on fathers

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3. Don’t miss important moments

Whether it’s a school play, an awards ceremony, or a sports event, do everything you can to be present. Knowing that her parents care enough to witness these big moments will mean the world to your child.

4. Affirm them

Instead of focusing on correcting your child’s mistakes, affirm them for what they’re doing right. This builds up their self-esteem and helps them feel closer to you as well.

5. Share knowledge

One of the biggest roles that come with being a parent is that of a teacher. Whether it’s teaching your child how to ride a bike or passing down a secret family recipe, passing down knowledge will not only help your child build his skills, but also give you great memories.

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