10 Reasons why having tantrums can be good for your child

10 Reasons why having tantrums can be good for your child

For a lot of moms and dads, tantrums are not only frustrating, but also a hassle to deal with. But did you know that tantrums also have a good side?

Who would have thought that tantrums are actually good for your child? Here are 10 reasons why!

1. It helps them release stress

Whenever a person cries, cortisol, a stress hormone, is released along with the tears. This means that whenever your child cries during a tantrum, they're actually releasing stress. Notice how after a tantrum, your child is suddenly in a better mood? This means that they were frustrated or annoyed over something, and needed to release their feelings.

2. Crying can help them learn

Being emotionally upset is a normal part of a child's growth. Crying or being frustrated over something that they can't do is a means for your child to help clear their minds and start fresh. So don't immediately get mad if your little one starts a tantrum because they can't do something with their toys, let them be and reassure them that you're always there.

3. It lets them sleep better

Letting your child go through with their tantrum helps them release their pent-up frustrations and emotions and can help them sleep better at night since they don't have anything to weigh down their minds.

4. It shows that you're disciplining them

Sometimes, you really have to say no to your child, such as if they're eating too many sweets or if they're being too naughty. In these situations, a tantrum means that you're disciplining your child and you're letting them know that they can't always have what they want. It can be frustrating to them, but it's a fact of life.

5. Your child isn't trying to hide their emotions

If your child has tantrums, that means that they're not scared to cry in front of you. This means that they're comfortable showing their emotions since they know you won't hurt them or make them feel bad for having an outburst.

6. It can bring you closer

Tantrums let you know more about your child's behavior, since you know what frustrates them or what can set them off. It's important to not scold your child if they have a tantrum, instead, focus on reassuring them and just let them cry it out.

7. It helps them release their emotions

Tantrums can help release pent-up emotions that kids sometimes release in other ways, such as being naughty, uncooperative, not sharing, etc. Tantrums are normal and healthy and can help ensure that your child's emotional growth is on point.

8. If it happens at home, there's less chance it'll happen in public

If your child starts to have a tantrum at home, then that just means that when you go out, they would have already released their pent-up emotions and they'll be in a better mood.

9. Everyone needs a good cry sometimes

Some adults don't want to admit it, but crying is a form of coping with problems and stress. And just like adults, kids do have problems and can face a lot of stress themselves. Crying is totally normal, and shouldn't be a cause for concern most of the time.

10. Tantrums teach you how to keep calm

As a parent, tantrums can really test your patience. Sometimes you might even start to consider hitting your child to stop them from crying (which you should never do!) That's why dealing with tantrums can also help you deal with your own emotions. It lets you keep calm and think about what steps to take instead of impulsively doing anything to make your child stop crying.

Source: parents.com

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