Helping Fathers to Bond With Their Kids

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The Fathers Action Network is a network of fathers coming from various organizations which aims to help fathers get more involved in their family, especially their children's lives.

src= content/uploads/2009/11/shutterstock 90159736.jpg Helping Fathers to Bond With Their Kids

Being a father is more than  just putting food on the table and sending kids to good schools. The Fathers Action Network hopes to help fathers understand the true essence of fatherhood.

This network, supported by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS), is headed by prominent members of the society coming from various organizations and businesses. They aim to help fathers forge a better relationship with their families, especially with their children.

According to Channel News Asia, their latest initiative is the "Dads for Life" movement which hopes to help fathers spend more time with their kids. A survey conducted by the MCYS showed more and more fathers feel that they have a great role to play in their children's development

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