You probably didn’t know that these household items have expiration dates

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It's probably time to throw these things in the bin!

Though we know that we should check food items for their expiration dates to see when it’s time to throw them out, and even know that our beauty products have a certain lifespan, even certain items in our home have their expiration dates as well.

The folks at Bright Side have made things a little easier for us by listing down the household items you probably didn’t know have expiration dates.

1. Pillows: 2-3 years

Over time, pillows can gather gross things like dust mites and dead skin, and also lose their shape—leading them to possible causing neck pains. LifeHacker pegs the lifespan of the pillow at a little longer (3-5 years), but a good test is to fold your pillow in half to squeeze out the air. If it doesn’t go back to its original shape, you definitely need to buy a new one.

household items expiration dates

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2. Slippers: 6 months

Fungi thrive in warm, moist, and dark places, like the slippers you wear around the house. Wash them regularly to prevent infections, and change them frequently—don’t wait until they start smelling funky.

3-4. Sponge: 2 weeks; Shower pouf: 6 months (if washed)

Like slippers, sponges and shower poufs are the ideal breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria. You should probably be changing your bath sponges a lot more than you are doing, though you can boil natural and synthetic shower poufs to kill bacteria.

Apartment Therapy also recommends throwing your bathing accessories into the washing machine for your next warm/hot batch. That way, you can make your accessories last a few months longer before you throw them away completely.

household items expiration dates

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5. Towel: 1-3 years

Did you know that your towels are the most germ-infested objects in your home? That’s why you shouldn’t use your towels more than three times—and that’s if you can dry them out completely, according to Tech Insider. As for damp towels, those are just breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria. Even with regular washing, you shouldn’t keep them around for more than a couple of years.

6. Toothbrush: 3 months

We all know that we should replace our toothbrushes once the bristles become worn down. If you’ve fallen ill, you should also throw out your toothbrush to make sure that you don’t get sick again.

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