Beautify your home with these houseplants that can also boost your family’s health!

Beautify your home with these houseplants that can also boost your family’s health!

Having plants around the house not only makes your surroundings look more beautiful and livable, but you'll be surprised to find out that there are certain houseplants that can actually boost your family's health!

1. Golden pothos

boost your family's health

According to the NASA clean air report, Golden pothos can actually remove chemicals such as benzene and trichloromethyl from the air.

They're also easy to care for, and are a tough, hardy plant. This means that they're a great starter plant for newbies!

2. Peace lilies

boost your family's health

Peace lilies, aside from looking gorgeous in your home, helps remove benzene, formaldehyde, and other chemicals that come from certain cleaning products you use around the house. And it's pretty unique for a flowering plant, since it can actually bloom indoors.

It's best to put peace lilies near a window, where it can receive indirect light. Be sure to water it only if it's dry, and make sure not to over-water it.

3. Garden mums

boost your family's health

Garden mums have been known to remove ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene from the air. They're also inexpensive, so you won't need to spend a lot to make your home beautiful.

Garden mums need bright, but filtered light, such as from a window, so it's best to place them near one. Make sure to water it when the soil gets dry, but the plant isn't wilted.

4. English ivy

boost your family's health

English ivy not only filters out formaldehyde from the air, but it's been found to be the number 1 air-filtering houseplant. It's also good for people who are sensitive to smoke.

English ivy is also easy to care for, since it just needs indirect light, and make sure to not let it dry out.

5. Ferns

boost your family's health

Ferns can increase air humidity, so it's great for helping keep your skin fresh and the air humidity on a good level.

Ferns require a bit of water, and the soil should always be wet, but not soggy. It also thrives in indirect light so it's a good plant to place inside your home.


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