How to avoid the leading cause of failed marriages, according to science

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No, the top reason why couples end up separating is not cheating. But it does start with a C. Read on to find out more

According to one of the world’s foremost marriage researchers, Dr. John Gottman, the #1 predictor of failed marriages is CONTEMPT.

After four decades of research, Gottman who also wrote a book entitled The Seven Principles for Making Marriage work found a clear pattern in marriages that ended in separation or divorce.

It's normal for couples to experience disagreements. Our spouses will possess quirks and make choices we don't necessarily agree with.

Has your partner ever done anything that you felt negatively about? Have you rolled your eyes or become embarrassed by something they did? These little instances may become cause for concern as they can easily evolve into deep-seated contempt.

When allow yourself to reach this point, without keeping these negative feelings in check, that's when it becomes toxic to your relationship.

All couples encounter problems but it's how they handle these that matter. They can choose to face these with either kindness or contempt.

"Partners who do not handle discussions of these problems well are at the most risk of divorce," Gottman Institute expert, Mike Mcnulty, Ph. D. told Woman's Day.

Watch out for the four negative patterns of communication. Find out what they are on the next page...

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