How can I spend more family time with my kids?

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Are you feeling guilty for not spending enough time with your kids? Do you only get to see them before you rush off for work, and when you get home at night, they're already asleep. We list some suggestions on how parents can spend more time with their kids.

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Find out how to spend more family time together with your kids here…

How can I spend more family time with my kids?

Do you find that on the average day you’re only spending a few minutes of family time with your kids? I guess this is the situation in almost all households, including mine. I know, if we only had a choice, we’d rather spend all our time as family time with our little ones. But then we live in the real world so we have to face reality. Reality includes bills to pay, put food on the table, and a host of other obligations, so we really have to work and earn a living. lists some suggestions on how parents can spend more family time with their kids. One particular suggestion is to rearrange your work schedule so you’re free to “be a parent” when your kids are awake. What you can do is to ask to start work later so you can send off your kids to school. Another suggestion is to try using webinars so you can do training, seminars or presentations without wasting precious hours waiting in airports or sitting in planes.

src= content/uploads/2010/07/shutterstock 145712630.jpg How can I spend more family time with my kids?

It’s important to give yourself a break from work and business once in a while to spend some well deserved family time with your kids!

Speaking of travel, you can also combine work with pleasure. Try to schedule your business trips on Mondays so you can treat your family to a vacation during the weekend. A sure way of cutting down your work hours is to start delegating some of your responsibilities to your employees. This way, you spend less time at work and more time with your kids.

You can also bring your children to work on some days. Tour them around your workplace so they will have an idea of what you do at work or you can ask them to help you with some of your tasks.


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