Girl hurt by 'protruding staples' on bus seat

Girl hurt by 'protruding staples' on bus seat

The teen shared a post on Facebook saying, "Immediately, I felt a sharp pain and almost instantly, I saw that my hand was starting to bleed."

A normal ride on a bus turned bloody for a teenager from Singapore, in the most unexpected way.

Deonne Tan, 18, recounted her experience on Facebook, and it's a warning for all of us parents to be careful before sitting on bus seats.

Hurt on bus seat in Singapore

The incident happened on SBS Transit service 240, and  Deonne writes about her experience, "Was on the bus (SBS6691S, Bus service 240) today with my sister and luckily she was wearing jeans."

"While alighting the bus, I placed my right hand on the seat beside me for support as I was carrying a lot of bags."

"Immediately, I felt a sharp pain and almost instantly, I saw that my hand was starting to bleed. I took a closer look at the seat and realised that someone had intentionally inserted 4 metal (needles?/staples?) into the seat, so deeply embedded that they could not be easily seen if not paying extra close attention, just like myself."

"Hope that no one else will encounter this. Be careful when taking public transport next time."

Apparently, her sister had sat on that seat, but she was not hurt as she was wearing thick jeans.

She later informed SBS Transit about the incident. The cut, it seems, took two days to heal. Deonne is now more careful when sitting in buses.

According to the Straits Times, SBS Transit has already replied to her through e-mail, and said that it was unlikely that the incident was an act of mischief. The metal objects were probably part of the seat.

Senior vice-president of corporate communications at SBS Transit, Tammy Tan, wrote in a reply to The Straits Times, "We are already in touch with Ms Tan to see how we can assist her."

Meanwhile, the bus has been recalled and the "protuding staple" has been removed.

"We are also conducting an investigation into the matter," she added.

In a separate incident in July, a commuter was shocked to find 3 toothpicks stuck in a seat, with the sharp ends pointing upwards.

The culprit has since then been caught.

Parents, do make sure you check the seats well before you or the kids proceed to sit down in buses. Better safe than sorry.

Republished with permission from: theAsianParent Singapore

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