7 Signs your husband fantasizes about another woman

7 Signs your husband fantasizes about another woman

Frequently spouses of cheaters are not completely surprised when they find out their spouse was unfaithful to them.

It’s in women’s nature to suspect that their husbands are thinking about other women. Although this fear is often unfounded, how does a woman know whether her suspicions are more than just a hunch?

In her Family Share article, Amberlee Lovell shares the seven signs husbands have other women on their mind.

1. He loves you, but…

Love is unconditional. But if your husband frequently tells you, "I love you, but I wish you would dress up nicer when I come home at night,” then you may want to do some digging. If he starts insinuating that you’re no longer enough or that you’re not doing enough, there could be another woman on his mind.

2. He stops talking to you about things that matter to him

Men who are no longer emotionally invested in their relationship are often the ones who starts cheating, says couples therapist Jane Greer.

3. He looks at pornography

As one woman succinctly put it:

“How is it not cheating when your significant other is constantly seeking out other women to accommodate his needs? These may be paid 'professionals,' but they are still real women that my husband is desiring, instead of me. Women that look nothing like me. How could I not feel cheated on when I see that he is searching for specific 'traits' on other woman that I just don't have.”

4. You never quite live up to the standards set by other women

“You're not perfect, but you are much better at being you than anyone else could be,” Amberlee says. “If he can't see this, his mind is likely thinking about someone else.”

5. He gets defensive when you casually ask his plans

Every wife has the right to know such details about her husband’s life. In fact, husbands should make it a point to coordinate their schedules with their wives in order to function well as husband and wife. If they become reluctant to share even such minor details, chances are he's hiding information from her.

6. He values his friendships more than your marriage

Husbands have the right to have friends outside their marriage, as well as a right to maintain those friendships. But once they start to get in the way of your time with him, then that becomes a problem.

Husbands need to prioritize their family first and foremost.

7. You can feel it in your gut

If all else fails, wives should trust their instincts.

“You know your husband better than anyone,” says Amberlee. “Although a spouse might try to ignore a nagging feeling, frequently spouses of cheaters are not completely surprised when they find out their spouse was unfaithful.”

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