What can you do if your husband refuses to take better care of himself?

What can you do if your husband refuses to take better care of himself?

It's one of the hardest things that a wife has to do; tell her husband that he has B.O. and needs to take better care of himself.

Personal hygiene is extremely important, as no one wants to be near someone who stinks. However, what can you do if your husband seems to have bad personal hygiene, and is the one who stinks? How would you go about addressing the issue?

Be honest, but sensitive

Personal hygiene is a very touchy subject, so you need to be honest with your husband, but still be very sensitive to their feelings. It might be the case that your husband knows that he has bad hygiene, but is struggling to deal with it for one reason or another.

Talk to your husband and have a discussion about his hygiene. Be honest with how you feel, but make sure to reassure your husband that it doesn't mean you're not attracted to him or find him disgusting. Tell him that you're concerned about his hygiene since having bad hygiene can have a negative impact on his health.

You can also offer to help him have better hygiene so that he can take better care of himself.

There are also other factors other than hygiene that can cause B.O.

There are also other factors that can play a role when it comes to your husband's odor. If your husband is a smoker, or tends to drink a lot of alcohol, those habits can not only have a negative impact on his health, but also have an impact on how he smells.

Smokers tend to have bad breath, and the smell of smoke clings to their bodies, which can cause undesirable odors.

Sometimes, it can also be the effect of not eating healthy food, or eating too much stinky food such as onions or garlic.

In some cases, excessive sweating might be the cause of the problem, as sweating can cause bacteria to grow and thereby cause odor problems.

What can your husband do?

Bathing with warm water can greatly help reduce the bacteria that's present in the skin, the same bacteria that's responsible for causing body odor.

Wearing clothes with natural fibers also helps your husband's skin breathe, which helps sweat evaporate better. Sweat causes B.O. so making sure it evaporates well can help reduce odor.

Avoid spicy or stinky food. Food is a main cause of body odor, especially if your husband likes spicy food or stinky food. Avoiding those types of food can significantly reduce the chances that your husband will have B.O.

Use better products. Using better quality hygiene products such as a deodorant, or a body wash, can also do a lot for your husband's B.O. Make sure that they're using these products daily so that they always smell fresh.

Whatever the cause of your husband's B.O. might be, the most important thing is to be supportive, and not make your husband feel bad about himself, or feel that he's disgusting. Make sure that you're sensitive when it comes to these concerns, and always show your husband that you love him and care about him and his well-being.

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