Ian Veneracion on gaining wife's trust: "Behave naman ako."

Ian Veneracion on gaining wife's trust: "Behave naman ako."

After 23 years and 3 kids, Ian Veneracion and wife Pam Gallardo remain happily married. How does she feel about his ka-love teams? Find out below!

Since Ian Veneracion grew from an adorable child star to a handsome leading man, he's been paired up with some of the most gorgeous faces in TV and Cinema. Throughout most of his career, the 42-year-old has been married to wife Pam Gallardo, with whom he has three adorable kids.

Since they tied the knot in 1994, Pam has shied away from the spotlight. It seems keeping their marriage private has been working, as the couple will soon mark their 23rd year together.

In a recent interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda, Ian opened up about how Pam feels about his ka-love teams over the years.

"Kinikilig pa siya. Sabi ko dapat mag-selos ka kasi asawa kita," he recalls saying in jest, adding how he has gained her trust over the past two decades. "Behave naman ako."

The charming actor is currently sending viewers swooning as Anton Noble on the TV series A Love to Last, where he stars alongside Bea Alonzo.

Ian Veneracion on his ka-love teams: "Kinikilig pa siya. Sabi ko dapat mag-selos ka kasi asawa kita..."


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The dashing dad also shared how his wife Pam purposely refrains from having her picture taken or posting on social media, for fear of "bashing" from her husband's fans, but she did so jokingly.

He was previously paired with single mom Jodi Sta. Maria on the hit show, Pangako Sa'Yo.

In a previous interview, he also talked about how trusting and self-assured his wife Pam is.

"My wife is a very confident woman, and she knows how professional Jodi and I are when it comes to work," he said.

Look who I'm having lunch with!!!

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"She’s happy and proud when it comes to the success of my projects with Jodi," he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer, adding how marriage is build on respect and trust. "If one of you fools around, it’s hard to recover both trust and respect. It will leave a permanent stain on your relationship."

According to Ian, their longtime marriage "works because they're opposites."

"We live in different worlds. Our personalities are different, too. She’s strict and on the conservative side; I’m liberal-minded. I’m objective and wise, and she’s smart," he shared. "She loves numbers; I love stories, whether it’s literature, movies and other stuff. She’s practical, while I’m romantic. So her strengths are my weaknesses—and vice versa."

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