What is infant potty training and how do you do it?

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Apparently, it's never too early to start potty training your baby!

Most parents start potty training when their kids are between 22-30 months old, according to WebMD, but you can actually start them even earlier. Infant potty training—also known as “elimination communication”, “natural infant hygiene”, and “baby-led potty training”—introduces your baby to the toilet at a very early age. According to BabyCenter, infant potty training usually starts between birth and 4 months.

Infant potty training isn’t a new phenomenon. In fact, it’s the norm in much of the non-Western world, according to Parenting Science. In these countries, diapers are considered unnecessary, and parents leave their baby’s bottoms uncovered. When their babies have to eliminate, parents usually hold them over a toilet, an outdoor latrine, or the open ground until they’re finished.

Today, more parents—especially those who practice attachment parenting—are showing interest in infant potty training for several reasons. Here are some of the pros and cons of infant toilet training.

infant potty training

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Infant potty training: Pros

  • You save money on diapers and diaper-related products
  • It’s more comfortable for your baby because it spares them from diaper rashes and the discomfort of wearing a diaper
  • It brings you closer to your baby because you become more attuned to their needs
  • It helps your baby become more independent. When your baby starts crawling, he can go to the potty on his own.
  • You don’t produce as much diaper waste.

Infant potty training: Cons

  • It doesn’t work for all babies. According to some medical experts, babies don’t know how a full bladder or rectum feels until 12 months, and can only control their bladder or bowels slightly at 18 months.
  • It’s very time-consuming and frustrating
  • It’s messy. Even if your baby learns to go to the potty by himself, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll never have an accident again.

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