11 Inspiring moms we absolutely love – International Women's Day 2018

11 Inspiring moms we absolutely love – International Women's Day 2018

This International Women's Day 2018, we're celebrating the inspiring moms who spend their time and effort making the world a better place for women everywhere.

March 8th marks the worldwide celebration of International Women’s Day. These 11 moms serve as role models to women everywhere and are truly an inspiration!

Who are these inspiring moms?

1. Ami Evangelista Swanepoel

inspiring moms

Ami Swanepoel with her husband | Photo from: Facebook

Ami Swanepoel co-founded Roots of Health together with her mother. Roots of health is an organization that helps empower women by providing them with health services, and health education.

One of their main advocacies is to provide information about reproductive health to women so that women can be self-reliant, and lead healthier lives. She truly deserves to be among the most inspiring moms!

2. Nikki Luna

inspiring moms

Photo from: Facebook

Artist, feminist and mother Nikki Luna creates outspoken and provocative art that not only evokes a reaction from people, but also calls them to action.

Since she has daughters, Nikki has since made it her advocacy to promote respect and equality among genders, and she’s supported by her husband Mikee Carrion, a “feminist dad.”

3. Rosanna Henares Angeles

inspiring women

Photo from: Facebook

All moms know just how important and even life-saving breastmilk is. And for Rosanna Henares Angeles, founder of Angels Breastmilk Bank for the Premature, she has made it her advocacy to provide free breast milk for moms who cannot produce enough milk for their little ones.

Rosanna also gave birth prematurely herself, and as she was unable to produce enough breast milk for her son, she sought help from other moms who gladly donated their breast milk to her. Seeing the power of collective action, she has since connected moms who need breast milk with other moms who are willing to donate theirs.

4. Irina Otmakhova

inspiring moms

Photo from: Conscious Birth Manila

Irina Otmakhova, is a mom, and a Russian doula based in the Philippines. While doulas aren’t medical professionals, they help provide emotional and physical support to moms who are giving birth.

She founded Conscious Birth Manila, an organization that “aims at supporting, informing, educating, and encouraging childbearing couples as they go through the journey of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum.”

She hopes to help out mothers who choose to have gentle birth options, by bringing them the expertise of doulas, midwives, and yoga teachers.

5. Ginger Arboleda

inspiring moms

Photo: Facebook

Mommy, wife, entrepreneur, and blogger Ginger Arboleda wears many hats. As a former banker, she eventually decided to become self-employed in order to better take care of their daughter.

Now, she and her husband own Taxumo, a tech startup that helps business owners, freelancers, and other professionals file their taxes.

She also has a blog where she shares her experiences as a mom and freelancer to provide valuable learning and inspiration to other moms.

6.Mish Aventajado

inspiring moms

Photo from: Facebook

Mish Aventajado a mommy blogger, shares that she has always wanted to become a mom. She has since started documenting her journey through motherhood along with her other interests.

She’s also the mom to a special child whom she calls Gellibean, and advocates for raising awareness about Down Syndrome. We hope that through her blog, she inspires mothers to share their experiences, and also empower moms who have special children.

7. Angie Calungcaguin

inspiring moms

Photo from: Facebook

Angie Calungcaguin and her husband  Yok founded the Make Peace Bakery and Cafe. They aim for their bakery to help end poverty, and provide an avenue for youths to change their lives.

They sell all sorts of baked goods, including delicious cookies and ensaymada. They’re located in Angat, Bulacan, and were fostered by the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm.

8. Reese Fernandez-Ruiz

inspiring moms

Photo from: Facebook

Entrepreneur, artist, and mom Reese Fernandez-Ruiz founded Rags to Riches, a social enterprise that provides an avenue for local artisans to create upcycled and eco-friendly fashion.

She was inspired by her missionary mom to help others, as they moved often when she was young, and she was exposed to the suffering that other people experienced.

This motivated her to become a social entrepreneur, empowering other people to improve their lives, and alleviate poverty.

9. Melissa Yeung Yap

inspiring moms

Photo from: Facebook

Melissa Yeung Yap is the founder of Earth Kitchen, and executive director of the Got Heart Foundation.

At the young age of 13, Melissa started to reach out to children living on the side of the railroad and dedicated her life to helping out the marginalized, making her one of the most inspiring moms out there!

She founded the Earth Kitchen, a farm-to-table restaurant and the Got Heart Foundation, which aims to help out the less fortunate through feeding programs, a scholarship program, and through selling all natural, organic, and local food and non-food products.

10. Shamcey Supsup

inspiring moms

Photo from: Instagram

Of course, everyone knows who Shamcey Supsup is. As a Binibining Pilipinas Universe, Shamcey brought honor to the country when she joined the international pageant.

And now, she has found her calling as a mom, an entrepreneur, and an architect.

As a magna cum laude graduate of BS architecture, and a topnotcher of the licensure exam, Shamcey has made it a point to put her skills to good use, and not be content to simply be a celebrity.

She has also founded a restaurant, Pedro N Coi with her husband, and they’re the parents to little Nyke, who just turned two earlier this year. She’s definitely one of the most inspiring moms in the country!

11. Rosebud Benitez

inspiring moms

Chef Rosebud Benitez is an outspoken advocate for cooking for the family and providing nutritious meals.

She’s also a celebrity chef, a mother-of-three, and an entreprener. She owns weigh to go PH, a diet food delivery service that provides delicious and nutritious meals that helps people lose weight and become healthier.


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