The most inspiring stories from real moms

The most inspiring stories from real moms

These amazing moms have inspired us in their own special way!

With Mother's Day coming up pretty soon, we decided to make a list of just a few of the most inspiring stories from real moms. Enjoy!

Judy Taguiwalo

The most inspiring stories from real moms

Social worker, activist, educator, DSWD secretary, and mother-of-two Judy Taguiwalo has shown that alongside her fight for worker's rights as well as equal rights for women, she's a loving mother at her core.

She recently made the headlines for being on the receiving end of Tito Sotto's comment on her being a single mom, calling her "na-ano lang". However, she didn't take the crass comment lying down, responding with: "Senator Sotto, I teach women's studies. We respect all kinds of families and that includes solo parents. Thank you."

Now that's a classy way to respond to an unexpected insult!

Hanessy Teodoro

The most inspiring stories from real moms

A single mom who got pregnant at the young age of 15, 22-year-old Hanessy Teodoro made sure that she was able to finish her studies, being inspired by her now 6-year-old son.

She shared that her son was her "best friend and companion for 6 years and counting."

She adds, "Natatandaan ko pa noon, 2 years old ka pa lang noon noong pinapaalagaan kita sa iba kasi nga papasok na ko sa school. Ang hirap kasi nagiging busy na ko…minsan uuwi ako, natutulog ka na."

Well, all of her hard work eventually paid off, as she and her son recently celebrated her college graduation. Kudos to you!

Bing Buan-Espiritu

The most inspiring stories from real moms

Losing a child might just be the worst thing that can happen to a parent. That's why when Bing Buan-Espiritu lost her baby in a car accident while she was pregnant, she felt like her whole world came crashing down.

However, through her and her husband's faith in the Lord, and by taking it one day at a time, they were eventually able to overcome their loss and move on. Yet, they never forgot Winter Gabriel, their first-born child that sadly never had the chance to meet his parents.

She shares, " always remind myself that even if I love him so much, Jesus loves him the most and that he’s safe and happier in Jesus’ arms."

Shamcey Supsup-Lee

The most inspiring stories from real moms

Binibining Pilipinas Universe Shamcey Supsup-Lee thought that being a fulltime mom was going to be pretty simple. But she was surprised by how hard it was to be a mom.

She shares, "Akala ko madali lang. I didn’t buy any bottles. I didn’t shop for anything. I said there was no need. Direct breastfeeding ako,” she said with a chuckle. “Kaya ko yan. Di ko kailangan yan."

"Giving birth was the hardest but the second hardest was breastfeeding," she recounts. "Grabe di ko maexplain yung sakit. Yun para bang every time mag-bbreastfeed siya, iiyak ako sa sobrang sakit. Siguro at the time I was disappointed pa, may konting depression."

Eventually, the beauty queen turned mom found a solution; she started using breast pumps which helped her a lot when it comes to breastfeeding her child.

Her story just goes to show that all moms really have it hard, but all of the hard work and sacrifice they do for their kids is totally worth it once they see their child happy.

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