The inspiring story of Loving Lil Livi

The inspiring story of Loving Lil Livi

Loving Lil Livi's story is one of love, faith, and hope in the face of overwhelming adversity.

For most of us, struggling with a debilitating disease is difficult. So you can just imagine how hard it is for Olivia Beatrice, or Lil Livi, to be diagnosed with a crippling ailment.

She had to be confined in the ICU

Lil Livi was born on June 11, 2015, and was by all accounts a normal and healthy baby girl. According to her mother, she was “the apple to her father’s eyes, and a fragile flower to her 2 kuyas.”

When she was close to being 4 months old, she was diagnosed with mild pneumonia and was being treated at home. At around November 16, 2015, she was taken to her pediatrician immediately since she had a high fever.

Tests were conducted, and the initial findings was that she had UTI. About a day after however, she still had high fever, and her parents noticed that her fontanel, or the space between the bones of her skull, was bulging. Her pediatrician thought that it could possibly be meningitis, so they sought a second opinion which confirmed the grim diagnosis.

They then took her from Cavite to the Manila Naval Hospital in Taguig to be admitted, but that in itself was a struggle, since it happened during the APEC summit, and it took them 6 hours to get there. Her mother shared that she was already having seizures during the trip. However, there were no specialists in the hospital, so they had to take her again to the AFP medical hospital in Quezon City.

She was diagnosed with TB meningitis secondary to hydrocephalus and had to be confined in the ICU.

She can’t sit, stand, talk, or even see

She spent about a month in the ICU, and 2 months recovering in a regular ward. During that time, she suffered a coma for almost a month and had to be intubated.

Her mother shares, “The doctors said the inflammation of her brain was overwhelming, thus her case was rare. She finished her antibiotics at the hospital, went through several tests and operations.”

As of now, she’s at home with us..bed ridden (can’t sit nor stand, can’t talk, no vision, has gastrostomy tube for feeding and tracheostomy tube to help her breathe.”


Photo from: / Xandy Cruz-De La Noche

They’re still hopeful about her future

Regardless of the terrible tragedy that struck their family, Olivia’s family is still very hopeful about the future. Lil Livi has been undergoing therapy as well as being given medication for her condition.

Lil Livi’s mother shares a loving message for her beloved daughter,

“My dearest Olivia,
For now, Papa will be your eyes, Mom will be your voice, your Kuyas will be your arms and legs and God will be your strength. Even seeing you like this, breaks my heart, I still choose to be happy. We will never get tired of taking care you. We may not hear your laughter or hear you say “I love you” but we promise to stay by your side and wait for that day no matter what. We love you so much our sweetheart.”

Lil Livi’s story is an amazing story of hope, love, trust, and faith that even in the darkest moments, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Those who wish to help out Loving Lil Livi can donate to her gofundme account. You can also visit her Facebook page here.


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