How can you #livebetter to see your kids grow up happy? Real parents weigh in

How can you #livebetter to see your kids grow up happy? Real parents weigh in

For parents, sacrificing for their kids is second nature, but in their devotion, many parents take themselves for granted, not realizing that they care for their kids best when they care for themselves too.

Being a parent requires sacrifice, patience, and a kind of love that endures through all the challenges the future holds.

Once you become a parent, it’s as if a switch has been turned on inside your head, making you think of your child first in all that you do. You want to know that your child is safe and secure, that they have a future awaiting them that’s worth growing up for.

Though being a parent is, without a doubt, immensely rewarding, it entails seemingly endless responsibilities that could take a toll on even the most devoted person. Unlike a 9 to 5 job, moms and dads can’t “clock out” of caring for their kids.

Even if they seem like they have superhuman abilities, parents are not immune to getting sick, feeling tired, disheartened, and unmotivated.

Sleepless nights and constant exhaustion can be overwhelming for moms and dads who spend their days trying to balance it all. Though they try their best to prioritise wellness, all the other responsibilities of life---from household upkeep to career obligations---can make it easy for them to forget to make healthy choices for themselves.

A parent’s priority of care should not be their children alone

It’s no secret that parenting is not easy. But what might come as a surprise to many is that caring for kids should not be the only priority for a mom or dad.

In their quest to give the best to their kids, parents sometimes tend to neglect their own health and wellness.

But more and more parents are realizing that in order to give their kids the best in life, they must first and foremost strive to #livebetter by taking care of themselves.

insurance for parents

So how do parents live each day, raising their kids with these goals in mind while working towards a better future?

We asked some moms, at different stages in their parenting journey, to find out just how important healthy living and planning ahead is when you have kids.

Parents share how they care for themselves to take better care of their kids

“You’ll be a better parent if you give yourself time to recharge,” says Charisse Tan-Llorin, 32, whose little boy Max just turned a year old.

As her little boy wobbles into his toddler years, Charisse stays healthy by exercising, which she jokingly describes as “basically chasing after my toddler.”

Turning serious, she confides that it’s easy to take health for granted when you are still young.

“But it will catch up to you,” she warns. “And more often than not, it’s your loved ones who will suffer.”

The need for health insurance for parents

The need for assurance and protection is one reason why many parents are seriously committing to not only living healthier, but having savings and a plan in place, such as life insurance for parents, that works for them.

“Health insurance for parentsis very important. It’s something that you hope you’ll never need, but it makes you feel infinitely safer if you have it,” adds Charisse.

As for some new moms, they are still just getting around to choosing what type of life insurance for parentsbest suits their young family.

Like Paula Mendoza-Domingo, aged 31, whose baby Hailey just turned two months old. Though she may be a new mom with no insurance plan yet, she understands how “making healthy life choices now will help her enjoy her family’s presence longer.”

How can you #livebetter to see your kids grow up happy? Real parents weigh in

The struggle to stay healthy

Though they have the best intentions, there are moms who know it is not always easy to stay healthy or plan for the future, when days quickly fill up with tasks that require short-term solutions.

Lourdes Ang, 54, whose son and daughter are now in their late 20s, was one of these moms. Recalling her younger days, she admits she didn’t see the point of healthcare at first, but now she is realizing just how vital it is as she and her husband are nearing their 60s.

“Now that my husband and I are getting older and healthcare in the Philippines is very costly, it truly pays to have coverage,” explains Lourdes. “It’s also more convenient.”

Now, she’s more determined to achieving her health goals by watching her diet and exercising, believing that “having good health is already an incentive in itself.”

Even moms who work mostly from home are not exempt from being so busy that they forget basic me-time and self-care.

Take Jessica*, for instance, a single mom whose adopted son just turned 3. Though she works from home most days and her little one is just starting preschool, she confides that she gets so preoccupied with day-to-day errands that she unwittingly disregards her health.

“In an ideal world, yes, one should take care of oneself before taking care of others. Honestly, I have not done much in order to live a healthy life,” she confesses, “but I am seriously thinking of investing time and money in it.”

insurance for parents

Why is it important to get ready to face emergencies?

“Health insurance for parentsis important to have. So that whatever happens, you are protected financially,” says Chrissy Jongko, 38, a mom of two girls, aged 13 and 4. She believes that parents should care for themselves first to better care for others. It’s never too late to take steps towards a better way of living.

Her advice for like-minded moms is to strive to stay happy and positive at all times, to value healthcare by eating right, and exercising regularly, and of course, to secure the family’s financial future.

By valuing health insurance, parents not only make sure they’re covered, but they can also be worry-free, knowing that their child and loved ones will grow up with the similar protection and peace of mind.

Catherine Carvajal, 29, who is a single mom with a 10-year-old son can relate to living such a hurried life that self-care can take a backseat. Despite this, she still manages to think ahead, knowing that being a mom involves expecting the unexpected.

No matter what phase of motherhood they are in, all these moms have one thing in common: the determination to #livebetter so they can give their kids the best life possible.

“Health insurance for parentsis great especially during emergencies,” says Catherine, adding how impressed she is that there is a program that also offers benefits to members who simply #livebetter. “With the added benefit of healthy lifestyle encouragement, these kinds of programs could help save and make a lot of families’ lives a lot better.”

The program she is referring to is Philam Life’s Active Family Provider, wellness and protection plan powered by Philam Vitality. It is a wellness program that doesn’t just provide protection and insurance for parents, but rewards them for simply striving to #livebetter.

The way it works is simple: The more points you earn, the larger your rewards. This plan allows you to save on your insurance premium simply by choosing to make healthy choices every day! Not only does this ensure healthy habits; it also help families live life to the fullest, knowing that their future is safe and secure.

To know more about how you can be protected while making a great investment in your total wellness, visit the Philam Life website where you can find more information on Philam Vitality’s Active Series.

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