25 women share how motherhood changed them

25 women share how motherhood changed them

To celebrate International Women's Day 2019, strong and inspiring Filipino moms share how motherhood has changed their lives.

Today, March 8, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we at The Asian Parent put focus on strong and inspiring moms. They give their two cents on how motherhood has changed their lives.

1. Liz Uy


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For celebrity stylist Liz Uy, motherhood made her “become the best version of me.” She is a mom to one-year-old Xavi.

2. Cindy Kurleto


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“Motherhood has changed my set of priorities,” says Cindy Kurleto, mom to two daughters—Noa and Lima.

“I got to rethink my lifestyle for the better—which means my children have made me a better person. You know, that’s all I could ever ask for, for relationships to make you a better person.”

3. Nikki Tiu


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TAPfluencer and blogger Nikki Tiu says, “Motherhood has made me realized that I can be resilient.”

4. Frances Ang

International Women's Day

Frances with her twins Lia and Jacob

Mom of twins, Frances Ang, says, “Motherhood has made me realize that my heart is big enough to love unconditionally x 2.”

5. Carla Perlas


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“Motherhood has made me realize that I can love a person unconditionally even when we haven’t met,” says Tickled Media’s regional content head Carla Perlas. She has two girls, Cadey and Yomi.

6. Ina Garcia


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“Motherhood has made me realize a lot of things I thought I couldn’t do—like handle 3 kids while having a full-time career. And today on International Women’s Day I’m thankful that more companies respect working mothers.”

Ina Garcia is a mom to three kids and the country manager of Tickled Media Philippines.

7. Gracie Maulion

International Women's Day

Tipid Mommy Gracie

“Motherhood has made me realize that I can love someone more than myself, that I have the strength I thought I didn’t have,” says Tipid Mommy blogger Gracie Maulion.

“I am forever grateful to this special calling to influence someone’s life, help him grow up into the man God created him to be.”

8. Dette Zulueta

International Women's Day

Millenial Moms PH blogger Dette Zulueta

“Motherhood has changed me to become a better person. Despite the challenges and hardships I experience as a mom, motherhood gave me the happiest and most fulfilling days of my life. It enabled me to see the beauty in sacrifice, to find joy in the ordinary things, and to love without measure. It even unveiled a better version of me that I never imagined to be which I really like – tougher, more generous, full of love and hope.”

Dette Zulueta, a mom of two, is a blogger and brand ambassador.

9. Richelle Ramirez


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“Motherhood has made me realize that I am strong and I am capable. I have been through a number of challenges in my journey as a first-time Mom but being a Mother to Leia has made me more loving and tough at the same time. Each day brings in a new experience and it helps me grow as an individual at the same time. Watching my daughter as a very active and happy child is an everyday gift I will always be grateful for.”

Richelle Ramirez is a mom, an architect, and a brand ambassador.

10. Candice Venturanza


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“Motherhood has made me realize that I am enough. I do not need to have my kilay on fleek and my mommy pouch tucked in spanx. My children love me for who I am—flaws and all.”

Candice Venturanza is The Asian Parent’s head of content. She is a mom to a 7-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl.

11. Frances Sales


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Blogger and PR executive Frances Sales says, “Motherhood has made me realize that I can go without sleep and still function for my family. I think all mothers have this superpower.”

She is a mom to three boys.

12. Rachelle Carpio


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“Along with motherhood came these superpowers I never thought I had until I became a mom,” says mommy blogger Rachelle Carpio.

“How I can function at work with little or no sleep and still take care of my child when I get home, I have no idea. Motherhood may not get easier but it sure had made me stronger.”

13. Louise Santos


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“Motherhood made me realize that I am more capable of loving more, giving more, sacrificing more, and doing more for my children. It made me more selfless, resilient, practical, and most of all prayerful. I pray for everything that I have no control over and that’s 90% of my life, including my husband and kids. Motherhood is the hardest job I’ve had in my life but it’s the most fulfilling and rewarding because the priceless payment is LOVE. ❤

Louise Santos is a mom to three boys and a blogger.

14. Jessa Acosta

International Women's Day

IT consultant and mommy blogger Jessa Acosta says: “Motherhood has made me realize that I can be a Superhero! Having a full time job, being a breadwinner, raising my son on my own, yet I still managed to do the things I love like blogging, dancing, and art. Where do I get those extra time, strength, patience, endurance, and at the same time, being able to love unconditionally? Well, I must have super powers!”

15. Charlotte

International Women's Day

“When I was younger, I thought that generally I was weak. In every sense of the word, physically, mentally and emotionally. When I became I mom, I realized that I could be strong. My love for my child/children is stronger than anything in this world that is trying to break me. If there is anything I’m super proud of is my love for my children; I would take a bullet, stop a train and a car for them.”

Charlotte is a mompreneur. She owns Sweet Delights by Charlotte.

16. Kim Solon-Dy

International Women's Day

Kim Solon-Dy, mompreneur, says, “Motherhood summed up is always having that conscious thought bubble to be the best version of myself so I could model to be the perfect example to my children.”

Kim owns VPharma, makers of Mega Malunggay.

17. Vanessa Bernabe

International Women's Day

TAPfluencer mommy blogger Vanessa Bernabe says: “Motherhood made me appreciate life more. It taught me the importance of living in the moment and finding the extraordinary in everyday.”

18. Jill Tan

International Women's Day

TAPfluencer and mom blogger Jill Tan says, “Motherhood has made me realize that I can actually be selfless and love unconditionally.”

19. Nadine Smith

International Women's Day

“Motherhood has made me realize that I can say ‘I can!’ When I’m presented with tough challenges and tasks that seem impossible to be done, whether that’s breastfeeding for a year or taking care of my baby without a helper, my love and dedication to my baby give me the strength to say ‘I can!’ to everything.”

Nadine Smith is a TAPfluencer and a mom blogger.

20. Meryll Dy

International Women's Day

“For me, motherhood is always a work in progress, it is learning how to forgive yourself along the way. Almost 6 years as a mom but I feel like I have so many things to learn from my 2 kids- living in the moment, being silly and happy, and enjoying the simplest things in life. ❤

Meryll Dy is a mompreneur, distributor of iAngel in the Philippines.

21. Jasslyn Tan

International Women's Day

Jasslyn Tan says, “Motherhood has made me realize that I can love unconditionally and live with a purpose.”

Jass, a mompreneur, owns Orange and Peach, a brand of baby products.

22. Janice Lizardo


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“Motherhood changed me a lot. I lost who I was before becoming a mother, but I found a better version of myself that i’m proud of. ❤️

Janice Lizardo is a mom to Baby Jace and a Taekwondo champion.

24. Feliz Lucas


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“Being a mother personifies what grace is all about. To endure, to love unconditionally, to forgive and to encourage to start all over again. I can just imagine how God is like toward me. It’s makes me love Him more which pushes me to have extended patience and grace toward my children. If He doesn’t give up on me, then I shouldn’t give up on my kids too!”

Feliz Lucas is a mom of three (soon to be four!) and co-author of More Than Most: The Story of Courageous Caitie.

25. Ginger Arboleda

International Women's Day

“Being a mother made me a better person — kinder, grateful and happier. It also gave me a deeper meaning to everything that I’m doing.

“Every time I do something, I think of my daughter and how it will affect her future. The business that I started isn’t just for financial stability, but to create a society where I know my daughter will grow up safe and secure. And with everything that I do now, I think of how i can be a role model for her. She makes me see the that life is worth living 🙂

Ginger Arboleda is a TAPfluencer and a mompreneur.


We hope the stories of these 25 women inspire you to also reflect on how motherhood changed you. Happy International Women’s Day!


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