Iya Villania on how baby Primo affected her marriage with Drew: "Lumala ang pagmamahal namin"

Iya Villania on how baby Primo affected her marriage with Drew: "Lumala ang pagmamahal namin"

Find out more about how the first-time parents' marriage has been strengthened with the arrival with their adorable baby boy!

Having a baby brings about many changes. For celebrity couple Iya Villania and Drew Arellano, by far one of the biggest changes is that becoming parents deepened their love as a married couple.

“Lumala ang pagmamahal namin sa isa’t-isa,” shared Iya to PEP in a recent interview. “Of course, life became more demanding in terms of needs because I’m being needed as a mother to my kid. I’m also needed as a wife, and I need myself. I need to be able to work on myself. Hindi ako puwede napabaya. So a lot has changed, but I have to say that life has become more fulfilling, mas enjoyable because of Primo.”

It’s no secret that Drew Arellano is totally impressed with how his wife Iya is doing a terrific job as a mom. He previously paid tribute to her on instagram, saying how he feels like every day is mother’s day. Now, the handsome dad is giving us more reasons to swoon.

“Todo salute para sa mga mothers out there!” he gushed in a recent interview. “Kaya gusto ko lang i-highlight lang talaga ang paghihirap ng aking asawa, day in and day out, because nagbago ang buhay pero mas kinikilig ako kapag tinitignan ko siya.”

Iya Villania on how baby Primo affected her marriage with Drew:

photos: Drew Arellano and Iya Villania instagram

He went on to praise his wife for getting up at odd hours to breastfeed and change their baby Primo’s diapers.

“Ang only assignment ko is kapag six o’clock, she will be going to the rest room, I’m going to try changing the diaper of Primo. But then again, after no’n, siya na naman! She’s gonna be preparing breakfast already for Primo, preparing to go to the gym, preparing for work.

“It’s not very easy for the mothers, and I’m sure all the mothers here, they know what I’m talking about. And for the husbands out there or fathers, iisipan niyo na ‘Wow, it’s different.’”

Having little to no sleep has become the “new norm” for the hands-on parents.

“As a breastfeeding mom, you kinda need to prioritize when the baby needs to feed,” confides Iya, adding how big of an adjustment it is to be a working parent with a 9-month-old to care for.

Iya Villania on how baby Primo affected her marriage with Drew:

photos: Iya Villania instagram

How can having a baby strengthen your marriage?

According to Dr. Craig Malkin of Psychology Today, having babies make us want to be better people. This motivation allows us to see a new side of our partners, a side that strives and hopes and works toward a goal for the love of your little one.

If you have doubts about whether parenthood can strain instead of strengthen your relationship, here are a few expert-approved tips.

1. Embrace the changes

Don’t worry about not having enough time for one another. See things in a whole new way by welcoming the changes and letting it improve your bond. Go through parenthood together and being able to count on each other every day can spell “romance” just as well as any fancy date night pre-kids can.

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2. Make time for one another

Of course, dates shouldn’t totally be written off. Take time to show each other you care by going on dates or giving meaningful gifts to one another for no reason. Even if it’s just watching TV together once the little one is asleep, making time to be together is a tried and tested trick to keeping your bond strong.

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3. Learn to laugh together more

Parenthood brings about serious changes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of humor about it. Though you will be navigating through unfamiliar waters, be there for one another. Find the positive in every situation and look forward to your baby’s bright future with you supporting them all the way.

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