Jaclyn Jose's unexpected response to Jake Ejercito's sweet message for daughter Ellie

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"I slayed all dragons before you," commented Jaclyn on Jake's Instagram post

On October 30, Jake Ejercito posted a super adorable photo of him and his 4-year-old daughter Ellie in coordinated Prince and Princess costumes for Halloween.

“I’ll slay all your dragons for you, my princess,” wrote Jake alongside a photo of him kneeling before a smiling Ellie.

I’ll slay all your dragons for you, my princess

A photo posted by Jake Ejercito (@unoemilio) on

A lot of his followers commented words of support.

“I admire you for owning up the responsibility as Ellie’s dad. You are an epitome of a real man. Kudos to you! Your parents raised you well. Ellie is very lucky to have you. God bless!” wrote itsjesstheninja.

“Amazing dad. Good job what a loving father u are at your age and very responsible one,” echoed mercedcatague.

But one of his followers didn’t seem too happy with what he wrote–Ellie’s grandmother, Jaclyn Jose.

A day after Jake posted the photo, Andi Eigenmann’s mom wrote this comment:

screengrab: Jake Ejercito's Instagram

screengrab: Jake Ejercito’s Instagram

“She will always a princess before you and will always be. I slayed all the dragons before you. You could have slayed the dragons before this. But you chose not to. You can’t all of a sudden slay. You do not have the tool…” wrote Jaclyn in her comment to the post.

Jake didn’t respond and Andi has yet to comment on her mom’s reaction.

A lot of his followers wrote comments of support for Jake.

“Don’t mind the haters @unoemilio just do your thing as a father. It’s not your fault in the first place. Bawiin mo nalang yung time na nasayang niyo ni Ellie,” wrote edahhade01, reassuring Jake to just continue being a good dad and making up for lost time.

Recently, Jake finally admitted that he is indeed the father of Andi Eigenmann’s only daughter. According to Jake, he’s known for a year now and he found out through a DNA test.

“I was really surprised, but I’m happy and I have no regrets,” said Jake in a previous PEP interview. “All I wanted was to protect Ellie. Kasi ayoko talagang pag-usapan.”

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