LOOK: Actress Julia Montes meets biological father for the first time

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After 21 years, actress Julia Montes finally managed to find her real dad, with the help of a cousin and a devoted fan...

21-year-old actress Julia Montes, whose real name is Mara Hautea Schnittka never thought the day would come when she would meet her German father, but her wish came true just in time for the holidays.

Two days after Christmas, the Filipino-German beauty shared a photo with her father Martin Schnittka.

"Hindi ko aakalain na darating ang araw na ito..."

"Hindi ko aakalain na darating ang araw na ito, makikita at makakasama ko (siya)," she began in the post's caption. "Unang una gusto ko magpasalamat sa Panginoon na pinagkaloob nya ang pagkakataon na ito."

"Malinaw pa sa isip ko nung mga panahon na ipagdasal ko na mangyari ang araw na ito hanggang sa sumuko na ko at nawalan ng pag-asa," confided the young actress to her 1.9 million followers, adding that the Lord has many ways of blessing us with more than we could ever hope for.

She also thanked those who stood as father figures for her throughout her life.

"Sa mga naging tatay tatayan ko salamat din sainyo dahil lalo kong naappreciate ang Papa ko dahil sainyo," she continued.

She also took time to thank her cousin Michelle and a devoted fan for making their first meeting possible.

"Sa Cocojul (fan club) din na isa sa naging daan para magkausap kame and to my Cousin Michelle who did everything and every way to make this day possible, Thank you!"

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Though her dad left her and her deaf-mute mom, when she was just a baby, Julia bears no grudges

Julia, who was raised in Pandacan, Manila, became a model and child star at the age of 6. But she rose to fame when she was cast as the iconic Clara in Mara Clara when she was 13, a role which launched the career of Gladys Reyes in the 90s.

Though her dad left her and her mom, who is a deaf-mute, when she was just a baby, it seems Julia bears no grudges.

In a report by entertainment website PEP, we learned that it was Julia's grandmother Flory who reared her, even though her mom was still around. Despite this, she does not harbor any hate against either of her parents.

In another Instagram post, Julia shared that she and her dad took a trip to Batangas with some of their relatives for the holidays.

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"Super nagenjoy sila Papa sa view na meron ang Batangas, sooo happy to be with them sa boat," gushed Julia in the post's caption, crediting Nayomi resort, which is owned by the family of her fellow ABS-CBN star John Prats for making their spur-of-the-moment vacation fun.

"Biglaan ang lahat pero ndi ko na feel dahil lahat parang naka-plano sa smooth and thank you for making our day very special and memorable ang daming activities na puedeng gawin kung puede lang pigilan ang time at may mahaba haba lang kameng oras gusto namin nila Papa i-try lahat."

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