Kids and toys: Get your tot to leave his toy at home!

Kids and toys: Get your tot to leave his toy at home!

Kids and toys are comparable to peanut butter and jelly. If your child is attached to his toy then read this for tips on how to get him to leave it at home!


When a child receives a new toy that they absolutely adore, you'd have an easier time moving mountains than getting them to detach from it. All parents have that one toy that their child refuses to let go of, be it a teddy bear, a blanket, or a teenage mutant ninja turtle figurine. Luckily for you, we've come up with a number of tips that you can use to get your child to leave his teddy bear at home.

1. Personalize the object

Personify it, praise it, assign it a name, an age, a character. "Teddy is a sweetheart, isn't he? I'm sure he likes playing with you." For children, especially girls, referring to the object as a baby is a definite go.

2. Give a reason

State your reason for the object or toy having to stay at home: "Teddy loves to play, darling, but he's tired now, he needs to get some rest". If this proves ineffective, another option is to assign the object a role in the house. "Teddy needs to take care of the house. Or Teddy needs to guard the car while we're gone".

3. Involve your child

Involve your child in saying goodbye to the object: "Tuck Teddy in, now, give him a kiss! Goodnight Teddy!" or "Put Batty down there, so he can get a nice view of the car. Now say bye to Batty, we'll see him when we get back!"

4. Comfort your child

There you have it! Leaving your child's toy at home with minimal fuss, refusal, and tantrums and tears. This method usually works flawlessly, especially since kids seem to feel better when they've said goodbye to their object before leaving them at home – it gives them a sense of comfort in knowing their toy will be and is waiting for them.

5. Counter their arguments

If your child is smart enough to call you out and says, "But mom, Teddy is afraid to stay at home! Or Batty gets sick when he's left outside!" Counter this by telling them that Teddy told you he wanted to stay home that day. Remember, children feel their toys are as real as they are. Respect this belief, and watch as your child becomes less and less attached.


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