Here’s how you can level up home-cooked meals, fast!

Here’s how you can level up home-cooked meals, fast!

Hint: The secret is in the seasoning. Recreate the home-cooked meals of your childhood for your own children – it’s easier than you think.

Nothing beats a home-cooked meal, especially one prepared by your own mom. It’s just heartwarming as it takes you back to times you shared meals with your family – made with recipes passed down from generation to generation. But the benefits of home-cooked meals go beyond nostalgia. Not only are they nutritious, but kids also find them delicious too! That’s because you get to choose the ingredients and control how much goes in, unlike meals from restaurants. Now that you’re a mom, you want to create these precious memories with your child – and with a little help, delicious home-cooked meals can be so easy! 

And do we have some good news for you, mommies! Home-cooked meals don’t have to take hours of slaving away in the kitchen, or require cooking lessons. You can level up your cooking game in just one easy step. 

All you need is KNORR SavorRich Liquid Meaty Seasoning. It’s the first ever meaty seasoning by KNORR in a liquid form! Made by slowly simmering chicken to get its concentrated flavors, KNORR SavorRich brings a super meaty, delicious taste that coats each and every ingredient when used as a quick marinade for fried, roasted and grilled dishes! 

Here are five classic dishes that you can upgrade or prepare quickly with the help of KNORR SavorRich:

knorr savorrich recipes

1. Fried Chicken

Delightfully greasy and crunchy with tender flakes in between, fried chicken is everyone’s guilty pleasure. Fast food restaurants have their specialty, and fried chicken can be one of yours too. With the help of KNORR SavorRich, you can whip up your own batch of fried chicken that’s packed with tons of flavor without having to wait long. Just add the meaty seasoning in your raw chicken, and let it marinate for just 10 minutes! It’s that easy!

knorr savorrich recipes

2. Grilled Liempo

It’s no secret: we all love inihaw to the point that it has become a Filipino staple. It’s often paired with steaming white rice, and some pickled veggies (atchara) for a refreshing touch. And you can make it at home, quick and easy! Just add KNORR SavorRich in a mixture of soy sauce, banana ketchup, calamansi juice, minced garlic, salt and pepper, and marinade your pork belly in it. The result is a deliciously marinated liempo that’s char-grilled for a smoky taste unlike any other. Yum!

knorr savorrich recipes

3. Grilled Chicken

Whether you want to prepare your own version of Chicken Inasal, or any grilled chicken with herbs, the sky’s the limit. What makes the dish stand out is the unique combination of herbs and spices in the marinade. And speaking of marinade, did you know that you can use KNORR SavorRich to speed up the process? Instead of waiting hours for the flavors to seep into the meat, you only need 10 minutes for the same results! How convenient is that?

knorr savorrich recipes

4. Roast Chicken

Celebrations with family often call for a feast, and one great addition to the dinner table is a lovely rosemary and herb roast chicken. And while this usually takes a long time to prepare (there’s that long cook time in the oven after all), you can easily speed up the process by using KNORR SavorRich in the marinade. That way, you get the intense flavors of chicken, down to the bone!

knorr savorrich recipes

5. Fried Porkchop 

Kids love their meat, and pork chop is one of these versatile dishes that will never cease to delight them. Just marinate your pork chops in KNORR SavorRich, and pan fry them until they become a lovely golden brown. Along with your choice of rice, buttered vegetables or mashed potatoes, you can even pair your porkchop with a ton of different sauces, from a creamy gravy to a black pepper sauce, or even a sweet applesauce!

Nothing brings a smile to your face than seeing your child’s clean plate after a meal. It’s a sure sign that your kids enjoyed your cooking, and you can rest easy knowing that your kids are well-fed and satisfied. In order to achieve that clean plate every meal, it’s important to know what your kids like eating, and get them involved in food preparation so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor for themselves. With KNORR SavorRich recipes, it’s so easy. The joy of sumptuous home-cooked meals belongs to your family.

Here’s how you can level up home-cooked meals, fast!

Doesn’t every clean plate just make you proud?

For more delicious ideas and tasty recipes, visit the KNORR SavorRich website.

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