Does your little one have bad breath? Here’s what you can do about it

Does your little one have bad breath? Here’s what you can do about it

Let's face it, even the cutest kids can sometimes have bad breath. Here are some pretty simple tips to help out your kid who's suffering from bad breath!

Having bad breath isn't always a sign of bad health, that's why even a healthy person can sometimes have bad breath or halitosis, even kids.

While it's not something that's life-threatening, it can be a cause of a child's self-esteem problems, and they might even be bullied for having bad breath. So as a parent, what can you do to help out your child?

What are the causes of bad breath?

There are a number of reasons why someone can have bad breath. First and foremost would be bad dental hygiene. If your kid doesn't regularly brush his or her teeth regularly, then aside from possibly having tooth decay, they can also have bad breath as a result of not brushing.

Another factor would be having a dry mouth. Saliva is actually very important in helping clean the mouth, and if your child's mouth doesn't have enough saliva, a condition called xerostomia might occur, which contributes to bad breath.

In some rare cases, bacteria on the tongue or an infection in the mouth might be the culprit for having bad breath. Bad breath can be caused by plaque buildup, cavities, mouth sores.

Lastly, some types of food and medication can cause bad breath. Food such as garlic or onions can cause someone's breath to not smell fresh. Some types of medicine also break down in such a way that causes someone to have bad breath. But for the most part, these only cause temporary bad breath.

So, what can parents do about it?

First and foremost, would be to make sure that your child brushes and flosses their teeth at least twice a day, it's even better if your child can brush his or her teeth after every meal. That way, you can be sure that their oral hygiene is in order, and they won't have any cavities or mouth infections that can cause bad breath.

Regular dental checkups are also important, since the dentist can possibly give you advice when it comes to helping prevent your child from having bad breath. They can also help spot any mouth sores, or infections that might be causing the problem.

If your child has a tendency to eat a lot of strong-smelling food, then that might also be a cause for them to have bad breath. You can ask them to try and cut back on eating food like onions and garlic so that their breath can smell fresh.

Surprisingly, mouthwash isn't a good idea when it comes to dealing with bad breath. Using mouthwash only masks the bad breath, and it really doesn't offer a more permanent solution when it comes to halitosis.

Lastly, don't make your child feel too self-conscious about their bad breath. It's important to talk to them about it, and be clear that you want to help them out, so that they don't feel embarrassed when they are around their friends or other people.


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