LOOK: Neri Naig and Chito Miranda share they're having a boy at their quaint baby shower picnic!

Check out some of the highlights from their quaint baby shower picnic in their Tagaytay cottage, here!

The soon-to-be mom celebrated with husband Chito and a handful of their closest family and friends at their quaint cottage in Tagaytay.

At the event, they also shared the happy news that they're expecting a baby boy!

"And it's a booooooooooooy!" exclaimed Neri on her Instagram. "95% ng nanghula sa gender ng baby namin ni Chito, babae daw. Pero boy po, hehe! Isang napaka kulit na baby boy sa loob ng aking tummy! Ako pala ang nag gupit ng bangs ko, haha! Wala lang, bigla ko lang ginupit. Kaysa pupunta pa ako sa salon at magbabayad, e di ako na lang mag gupit, haha! Saka nakakatamad na din lumabas."

It's a boy! May kalaro ka na @chitomirandajr !! #littlechito #chitoneribabyshower #neriscottage

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The couple will be welcoming a little Chito this November. The expectant mom was blooming in a blush pink halter ensemble!

Though the decor was chiefly DIY, Party Station Philippines helped make the cozy picnic theme a success!

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Their closest friends, including photographer Shaira Luna, were in attendance!

After months of working on her "Dream Cottage Project", Neri finally opened its doors to welcome those closest to her heart.

No picnic would be complete without sumptuous treats!

Instead of the usual cakes in a jar, Neri chose to give away popcorn in mason jars as party favors! "Mas gusto ko yung simple lang yung style. Yung parang di nag-effort pero effort pa rin naman talaga, hehe!" the soon-to-be mom wrote on Instagram.

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