The busy mom's guide to looking good without makeup

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No time for makeup? No problem. Here are some quick tips on how you can look your bare-faced best!

Let’s face it: looking effortlessly beautiful often takes some effort.

Our daily beauty regimen doesn’t have to take chunks out of our day, especially for moms whose schedules tend to fill up pretty quickly from the moment they leap out of bed in the morning.

So here are quick and easy-to-remember tips to incorporate into your daily routine to truly be bare-faced and beautiful!


Use a BB mask to tighten pores and to brighten skin in a matter of seconds. Or choose a hydrating facial wash to balance your skin’s PH like a hydrating facial wash before you dab on moisturizer!

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Choose a sheer moisturizer with light-reflecting properties. This keeps your skin hydrated and glowing!


Use a gentle exfoliating cleanser which functions as both a scrub and a face wash to save time!

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This often neglected facial feature, when perfectly groomed, frames your face and pulls your distinct features such as cheekbones and deep-set eyelids into focus.

Release a natural glow

Contour sticks help even out skin tone and contour your face and they (technically) don’t count as makeup.

It gives you that natural radiance and is easy to apply!

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Eye drops

They’re not only known for reducing redness; they can brighten up your entire face!

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Smile bright

You can go for teeth whitening strips or laser whitening treatments. Having a bright smile knocks years off your face!

Luscious lips

Just a few quick dabs with petroleum jelly and you’re good to go! A good example is Vaseline’s lip therapy balm.

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Lengthen those Lashes

Clear mascara does not only make lashes look longer and fuller; it causes your face to become more radiant.

Use a clear mascara without a tint and be amazed at how naturally lush your lashes will look in seconds!

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