LRT-1 debuts its popular love train for February 2018

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LRT-1 launched its annually popular Love Train on Monday, February 5, replete with nature-loving and Valentine's Day decorations.

This February, LRT-1 is getting into the spirit of Valentine’s by bringing back its popular Love Train.

Just to be clear, it’s not a “love train” in a “love hotel” sense. The decorations are love-themed but fused with a nature-loving vibe (which is sending out some weird mixed signals if you ask me).

Feel the love in the love train

The Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) decided to get into the Valentine’s Day celebrations by decorating a whole train for the occasion. In one carriage, they decorated it with colorful miniature hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling while its walls were wallpapered purple.

During the launch of the Love Train on February 5, Monday, LRMC officials and representatives handed out fresh flowers to commuters. They wanted to show commuters that love can be found in unexpected places like a busy train.

The LRMC has encouraged every commuter to share their Love Train experience on social media with the hashtag #LRT1Love.

Love the environment

love train

The Love Train. Image by the LRMC.

This year, the LRMC wants to relate romantic love with love for the environment. So, some carriages have faux greenery and full-color nature wallpaper and photos.

Across the whole train, passengers can see funny and amusing “hugot” quotes and romantic one-liners all over the train. You can find them on the walls and windows of each carriage.

The LRMC released a statement saying they wanted to make commuters feel the beauty and soothing effects of nature. They also want to encourage commuters to appreciate the importance of preserving our environment.

And just like in the past holiday themes by the LRMC, they hope that commuters will have a nice “feel-good” experience from commuting at the LRT-1.

If you’re going out on a date with a loved one this Valentine’s day (or this month!) why not try riding the love train to wherever you’re going? As long as it’s not rush hour, I’m sure your commute will be special.


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