The most fun Valentine's Day spots in Metro Manila!

The most fun Valentine's Day spots in Metro Manila!

Valentine's Day is almost here! Do you have any plans for a romantic date with your hubby? Here are some great date ideas!

For a lot of parents, the kids are their number one priority. And while that's the way it's supposed to be, it's also important to not let married life get in the way of the romance between you and your spouse.

Here are some great date places in Metro Manila that are perfect for a Valentine's Day date with your partner. Some of them might be pricey, but Valentine's only happens once in the year, so go ahead, spoil yourself and your partner!

1. Blanc Gallery in Katipunan

Want to go somewhere interesting for Valentine's Day? Then Blanc Gallery in Katipunan is the perfect spot to have a Valentine's Day date!

Blanc Gallery in Katipunan features artwork made by a number of local artists, as well as a cafe, Earth Kitchen, that features Table Ice Cream, Vanilla Peanut Butter Crunch, as well as really good coffee.

If you guys want more substantial meals, they also serve Risotto Balls, and an amazing Beef and Citrus salad!

Blanc Gallery is located at 145 Katipunan Avenue, St. Ignatius Village, Quezon City.

2. SALT Makati

SALT is located in the outskirts of the Makati Central Business District. The great thing about SALT Makati is that they serve really good food, at affordable prices.

They serve a number of different cuts of steak, as well as one of the best grilled tuna that you can ever have in the Metro! Oh, did we mention that their food is not that expensive?

We recommend their T-Bone Steak with rice, their Cajun Chicken with rice and their Frozen Brazo de Mercedes for dessert.

SALT is located in 5887 Fermina cor. Enriquez St., Brgy. Poblacion, Makati Metro Manila.

3. Acustica Bistro and Lounge

For the more adventurous couple looking for some excitement, we recommend Acustica Bistro and Lounge in España, Manila.

They offer a wide variety of food, such as the 3 Cheese Pizza, Primo Burger, and the Cheesy Meat Nachos! Their Extravaganza Pizza is also good.

They also serve delicious cocktails, and they're well known for the "Grandmaster's Gambit", or 32 shots of their most popular cocktails.

Acustica Bistro and Lounge is located at 2nd floor, Didache Building, 1508 España Street (Corner Valencia Street), Manila, City of Manila.

4. The Girl + The Bull

Aguirre Street in BF, Parañaque has been called the "Maginhawa of the South". However, we'd like to think that Aguirre has a special charm all on it's own.

A great example would be The Girl + The Bull. They serve an amazing Roasted Pork Belly, as well as a hearty beef burger. Their meals are also served with house fries, which are one of the best french fries that we've ever tasted!

Eating at The Girl + The Bull is a bit pricey compared to other restaurants, but it's sure worth it just for the amazing experience! Plus, their servings are large enough to be shared, so there's plenty of food to go around!

The Girl + The Bull is located in 346, Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque City.

5. The Breakfast Table

Of course, no list of great food places would be complete without a restaurant from Maginhawa!

And for something different, you might want to have a Valentine's breakfast date instead! A great place to have it would be at The Breakfast Table in Maginhawa.

They serve a lot of delicious, and familiar breakfast fare, French Toast, eggs, and a build-your-own silog! The restaurant's atmosphere is very laid-back, and it's such an amazing way to start the most romantic day of the year!

The Breakfast Table is located at 189 Maginhawa St., Teacher's Village, Quezon City.


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