What should you do if your maid has hygiene problems?

What should you do if your maid has hygiene problems?

Hygiene can be a sensitive topic to handle, so it's always good to be respectful.

Everyone can have their "stinky days". There are some days when you ate something that has a strong smell and you have bad breath, and there are also some days where you're too lazy to shower, or you just decided not to shower since you're not going anywhere and you'd just rather stay at home. The same is true for your maid as well. However, if it's a recurring problem then that's when you should step in.

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What should I do?

The first thing to do would be to know if the hygiene problem is an isolated incident or if it's a recurring problem. If it's an isolated incident, then you shouldn't really bother too much about it as everyone has their own "stinky days" so to speak. However if it's a recurring problem, and it's bothering you, then you should have a talk with your maid.

Be straightforward yet sensitive when it's time to talk to your maid, as hygiene issues are a very personal topic and you wouldn't want to offend your maid by outright telling them that they stink. A good way to avoid the awkwardness would be to buy your maid some hygiene supplies and tell them that they don't have to buy their own since you'll be the one to provide their soap, shampoo, etc.

Always be respectful!

Another way would be to talk to them in private about the matter, and offer to help out if they need any hygiene products. Always be respectful and never insult or deliberately make your maid feel bad.

Hygiene problems aren't only limited to personal hygiene; it can also be in the way that they clean the house or the way they handle their tasks such as cooking or washing the clothes. If you see that your maid is cutting corners or being lazy when it comes to cleaning or washing your clothes, then it's best to sit them down and talk about it. As usual, be calm yet firm so that your maid can understand that they shouldn't take any shortcuts when it comes to cleanliness. You should also advise your maid to always wash her hands when handling food and after cleaning your house or the toilet in order to constantly maintain cleanliness.


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