Guess who gave Yaya Dub the sweetest Valentine!

Guess who gave Yaya Dub the sweetest Valentine!

Yaya Dub couldn't help but feel "kilig"

Maine Mendoza, your funny girl-next-door of "Yaya Dub" fame, gets a lovely and most surprising Valentine from an unexpected fan—world-renowned poet Lang Leav!

Apparently, Maine, even before entering showbiz, was a super fan of the author, who is behind the best-selling books: Love & Misadventure and Lullabies & Memories. The Australia-based writer is known for her simple, but romantic prose, and is the go-to poet when it comes to young love and heartbreak.

It all started a day before Valentine's Day, when Lang Leav, a fan of Aldub, tweeted about whipping up something special for the Kalyeserye princess—but only if Maine would approve.

Of course, Maine said yes! Then soon after, Lang Leav wrote a piece about the star-crossed lovers in the aptly titled, "Stars in Love." In true Lang Leav style, the poem was short and sweet, but utterly heartfelt.

It read: "We were two old souls since time began-before light was measured in years. We are stars that fell from glittering skies, to find each other here."

Hello to my friends in the Philippines. Maine Mendoza asked me if I could write a poem for AlDub so I did. ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day! xo Lang

Posted by Lang Leav on Saturday, February 13, 2016

Needless to say, the young star was ecstatic upon receiving the special written gift (which came with a sketch!). The improv queen immediately thanked the award-winning poet and illustrator.

Netizens also showed their praise and kilig, sharing the post worldwide. Lang Leav added: "It was a lot of fun and let's not forget Valentine's Day is all about love. So keep sharing the good vibe."

Mother Teena Cruz, who is also an avid reader and fan of Lang Leav, shared: "I just found the gesture so sweet and fitting for this Valentine's. I'm a fan of both Maine and Lang Leav, and so it was a great surprise that their paths crossed as well."

"I've read Lang Leav's poetry and it really is touching, and fitting for both young boys and girls—especially the teens and tweens. Your kids would enjoy reading her books, because it's about innocent, newfound love," she adds.

Today, with the many technological distractions that keep our kids entertained all day long, reading is one of the habits that have become harder to nurture especially in children. While there are still avid readers -  a growing fan base hooked on book series like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Twilight, Harry Potter and the likes - there's a smaller base of youngsters who grow into appreciating poetry and the classics.

"Lang Leav is pretty easy to understand and a great way to introduce young girls and boys to poetry. There's a little rhythm and rhyme that will appeal to them. Of course, love will always be an enticing subject," says Cruz.

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