In photos: Makati kids volunteer to protect tough guy Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa

In photos: Makati kids volunteer to protect tough guy Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa

He is the new head of the PNP hellbent on eradicating drugs from the country. But even tough guy Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa needs some protection. And guess who's willing to lay their lives on the line for him? Find out, within.

He’s not so terrifying after all. Tough guy and new PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa is quickly endearing himself to Filipinos.

In fact, Bato was spotted in Makati Square with his very own security force–these brave kids.

Pictures of Bato being escorted by a group of children were shared on Facebook on August 2, 2016.

“When the kids are volunteering to guard the Chief PNP Ronald Dela Rosa at Makati square. They performed our duty even just for a few minutes though they acted like playing,” the uploader captioned the pictures.

In one of the pictures, Bato is clearly seen holding the hand of two young girls.

Photo from Facebook.

Photo from  Facebook. 尔丹尼

According to the uploader of the photo below, a man in white had approached Bato, and just like a real body guard, one of the girls asked if he wanted to take a picture.

Photo from Facebook

Photo from Facebook 尔丹尼

This is not the first time that this crime fighter’s softer side has been photographed.

More on that on the next page

In recent weeks, another photo of him sleeping while holding his wife’s hand also went viral.

Screengrabbed from Buzz Definitely Filipino

Screengrabbed from Buzz Definitely Filipino

According to a report by Buzzer Joy of Buzz Definitely Filipino the photo was uploaded on Facebook by Tambayan ni BERTO, prompting netizens to express their admiration for the PNP chief. The post, however, has since been deleted.

According to Buzz Definitely Filipino, the photo was taken at a public place, perhaps during a formal government function.

Bato heads the PNP’s efforts to eradicate drugs from the country under the orders of President Rodrigo Duterte.

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The photos used in this article were taken from 尔丹尼 Facebook and Viral Definitely Filipino.

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