Making the most of your family PC

Making the most of your family PC

Here are some tips and tricks for how a good PC can come to the rescue and help balance life more easily. Brought to you by HP.

Uses of computer at home

We often see technology as just another burden in our already hectic lives; but it doesn’t need to be that way. The right PC, set up with the tools you need, can actually provide more time for the things we want to do as well as help juggle the demands of modern life.

This is particularly true for parents. Between keeping an eye on kids’ schedules, juggling the demands of the office and squeezing in time for fun, they need all the help they can get to keep life stress-free.

uses of computer at home

Make the most out of your home laptop

Here are some tips and tricks for how a good PC can come to the rescue and help balance life more easily:

1. Let the PC do the juggling

Whether it’s tracking teens or planning a holiday, running a family needs constant organisation. A well chosen PC can help handle multiple schedules, e-mails, Internet access and be entertaining too. For example, the HP TouchSmart is an all-in-one PC that has a touch screen that everyone can use. In addition, it’s inbuilt software can manage the family’s activities on a calendar. Everyone can put in what they’re up to without even needing to use a keyboard or mouse.

2. Experience and share your memories

Today’s technology helps manage personal memories and takes scrapbooking into the digital age. Digital images are easier to share with friends and family over email and the Internet so you can let everyone know what’s been happening at the click (or touch) of a button. The trick is to get the right software to help organize, view, and store images easily.

You can store all your photos on a computer with a decent size hard drive; anything with over 150 GB will be ideal. It’s a lot better than a bulky picture box and you can select the photos you want to print through somewhere like Snapfish to make a photo album. It’s also possible to arrange them according to the date they were taken and check to see what you were doing this time last year, month or even a minute ago.

3. The great PC escape

Even the most devoted parents dream about getting away from it all. If plane tickets aren’t an option, a family night with one of the latest tech gadgets might just do the trick.

With the right media tools it’s easy to watch DVDs, listen to music, and bring all your digital entertainment together in one place. There are also a whole host of games that parents can take-up just as easily as the kids. You can even find karaoke games available with guitars to sing along with.

4. Connect to loved ones with webcams

It seems like nearly everyone has friends or family members in faraway places. But no matter where they live, you can watch babies take their first steps or chat with your travelling family members online. So meet your family and friends any time of the day and without going out and enjoy hours and hours of conversations. Also, keep up with your online buddies by uploading your webcam videos to social networking sites.

You can save your memories forever and also capture candid high resolution pictures. Some webcams, like HP’s Youcam software even allows you to personalise your conversations with many face accessories and avatars.

5. A little support goes a long way

Busy parents don’t have time for technology troubles. In-home support from a technology expert can save the day.

When buying a PC, always look for a company that can provide after-sales support as it will mean you cut down any frustration once you set it up at home.

A PC doesn’t need to be a burden and following these short tips will make it a more useful part of any home.

These tips and tricks were brought to you by HP.

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