Mariel Rodriguez opens up about her post-baby body

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Mariel Rodriguez Padilla opens up about her post-baby body, and how she was afraid that she would be shamed because of the weight she gained

Actress Mariel Rodriguez shares how hard it was for her to face the public after she gained weight during her pregnancy. Read on to learn more about how she finally overcame her fears and learned to love her post-baby body.

Mariel initially refused to share some of her post-baby body photos

Mariel recently admitted that she had fears that she will be fat-shamed or judged by netizens for her post-baby body. She was also afraid that she might become a victim of cyber-bullying because of her appearance.

She added that she refused to share some of her photos at the time, since she looked 'super-fat.' At one point, the actress recounted that her wedding ring didn't even fit her finger.

"I really didn't want people to see me and think that I lost myself and became losyang" the actress shared on an Instagram post.

According to Mariel, the heaviest that she got was 178 pounds, which was around November of last year.


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She eventually learned to love her body and slowly lost the weight she gained

Eventually, Mariel slowly learned to love her post-baby body. However, based on her recent photos on Instagram, it seems that she had shed a lot of the weight that she gained.

Mariel said that she lost 40 pounds with the help of a beauty company. "But I knew FAT IS NOT FOREVER! I was not going to let that be the new me," she quipped.

Mariel gave birth back in November 2016 in the US to Isabella, her daughter with husband Robin Padilla.



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