Mariel Rodriguez on becoming a working mom: 'Nahihirapan ako'

Mariel Rodriguez on becoming a working mom: 'Nahihirapan ako'

Juggling multiple roles at once is hard – but not impossible. In the case of TV celebrity Mariel Rodriguez, she is now facing the challenge of balancing both work and being a mother.

Nothing beats the bond of a mom and her daughter – they’re just literally the perfect match for each other. Once you hold your baby in your arms and feel the warmth of their skin, it’s like you never want to let them go. It’s like finding the perfect piece to your puzzle.

That’s why Kapamilya star and mother Mariel Rodriguez admits that she suffers from separation anxiety when she leaves her daughter to go to work.

"Nahihirapan ako, honestly hirap na hirap ako kasi siyempre, first day ko. It's really very hard kaya nga sabi ko lalo akong napapasaludo sa lahat ng working moms," Mariel shared.


Everything I do... I do for you... i love you so much my @mariaisabelladepadilla ???

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Mariel’s comeback on It’s Showtime

After almost two years of being on maternity leave, Mariel decided that it was time to return to her second home---ABS-CBN’s noontime show It’s Showtime.

Although she’s very happy and grateful to be back at work, the TV star can’t help but feel anxious from being away from her daughter Isabella after 19 months of always being together.

Mariel’s husband, actor Robin Padilla shared in an interview that Mariel and Isabella are extremely close.


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However, despite how hard it is to be physically separated, Mariel still chose to continue her career. She also arranged things for Isabella like swimming classes and school to keep her occupied.

Mariel also expressed how much she missed her It’s Showtime family and being on stage, and how she’s doing this to make her little girl proud and also how the audience, like Isabella, deserves the best from her.

"Basta kami, we'll do what we can do, we'll do our best," she added.

Balancing Motherhood and Work

Being a working mom is definitely exhausting - it’s no joke to take on multiple roles at the same time.

Like celebrity working mom Mariel taught us, we should always give our 100% in both motherhood and work.

It takes not only physical strength to manage all the responsibilities at work and at home, but it also requires emotional and mental strength in order to brave all of the obstacles of being a working mom.

Although aside from courage, expertise in time-management is one of the most necessary things working moms need to learn. They should be the epitome of planning and scheduling.

Not to fret mommies! To help you with your quest to success at either home or work, here are 3 effective time management tips:

Focus on your Goals. It’s highly important to know and concentrate on what you want to achieve. In order to assure that you’re spending your time productively, it’s a big help to always keep your goals in mind. Eliminate all the possible distractions beforehand so that your attention wouldn’t get snatched away from what you really need to do.

Know your Priorities. Start working on the most urgent and important tasks! Setting your priorities straight can help you achieve your goals faster and can serve as a tool to make sure that you’re ticking salient things off the list. As much as possible avoid procrastination! Delaying a task for another less important activity will only prolong and add to the burden.

Start making Plans. Planning ahead is essential for working moms. If you have already scheduled what you need to accomplish for the day then you don’t need to rush yourself in thinking about what to do, what’s left is just sticking to the plan!


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