Broke single mother gets the surprise of her life when McDonald's employee pays for her meal

Broke single mother gets the surprise of her life when McDonald's employee pays for her meal

She’s had a long day, and the last thing she wanted was to see that she didn’t have enough money in her wallet to pay for her kids’ food, but an unlikely person saver her day

The world is a harsh, cruel, unfair place. Corrupt people rule the world. The good die young. The innocent suffer. Everywhere we look there is despair and heartbreak and and loss and horror.

But there’s also a lot of good in the world, like waking up in bed with the one we love, seeing the faces of our children, and coming home after a long day to a warm meal and a glass of wine.

And as this Queensland mother found out herself, there are a lot of good people in the world, too.

After having had a long, rough day, Danica Rodwell drove through a McDonalds on the way home so his boys could have a meal on the long rive back home.

She pulled up on the counter, said her order, and she she was about to pay for her food, she realized that she didn’t have enough on her.

A heart of gold

“This beautiful young man instead of asking me to move out of the drive through as I was blocking others he paid for the lot plus got a meal for me,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “I’m now sitting here in tears in the carpark because he has restored my faith that there are good people left!”

Danica asked for his name, but he refused to give it.

“He wouldn't give me his name because he just wanted to make me smile not to get recognition,” she also said. He did however allowed Danica to take a photo of him on the drive-through counter.

The boy has since been identified as 16-year-old Kingscliff High student Liam Hourihan.

One of his teachers also has a ringing endorsement for the 16-year-old high school student. Sharing Danica’s Facebook, he said that “[Liam] is indeed an amazing young man and an awesome student.”

See, moms. Life may be rough, and some days it’s downright horrible, but there’s always a reason to smile. All the bad things in the world don’t necessarily negate all the good things, or make them less important.

Just had the most amazing experience at McDonald's in Chinderah service centre... After a huge day driving around doing...

Posted by Danica Rodwell on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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