Preschool in Manila Guide

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Looking for a preschool? We've got a list of some of Metro Manila's top preschools and all you need to know about them. Tuition fees, prorgrams, and more.

Preschool In Manila

Preschool In Manila Guide

If you’re looking for a preschool, here are some things you have to consider:

  • Location

If the school is far, the quality of education must be worth the travel time every day. Nearer schools are more convenient for your child and allow more time for follow-up school activities such as homework and tutoring.

  • Approach

While it’s not necessary for you to understand what Piagetian or Montessori means, being able to tell if it’s a progressive or traditional school is what’s important. Traditional schools are the ones we grew up in with rows of chairs and desks and a strict, structured atmosphere. You can find a short comparison of the two here. Progressive schools tend to allow more freedom and let children sit in clusters or groups instead of rows of desks and chairs.

  • Teacher-student ratio

A low ratio means that your child gets more attention. But be sure you ask if all the people in the classroom are actual teachers or the others are simply aides.

  • Admission Requirements

While each school may differ, they usually ask for photocopies and the original of (for comparison) the following:

  •             Birth certificate
  •             Medical certificate
  •             Immunization Record
  •             ID Picture (several copies)
  •             Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  •             Baptismal certificate (for Catholic schools)

Here are some notable preschools in the Metro who are usually accepting enrollees for the coming school year and even summer programs around this time.

Take note that the Preschool Tuition Fee upon Inquiry mentioned are estimates of the exact amount along with the books, uniforms and school supplies needed.

These fees may be updated and changed at any time. You should give these institutions a call or pay them a visit to know how much you need to prepare.

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